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Manuel Golden Animal Abuse Allegations: Tycalk9

Despite the fact that Tycalk9 is a legitimate company and its owner and founder, Manuel Golden, has been accused of animal cruelty, the firm is famous for pet training across the country. Manuel Golden’s name has been Googled by netizens following his most recent controversial development.

Here we’ve gone through all of the issues in detail in this post, so you’ll know everything there is to know about Manuel Golden’s charges and allegations. Read down the page to learn the whole story. Manuel Golden Animal Abuse Allegations: Tycalk9.

Manuel Golden Animal Abuse Allegations

Manuel Golden and his firm Tycalk9 are causing a stir on Twitter, although for the wrong reasons. When it comes to dog lovers in the country, Manuel Golden and his business have come under fire for alleged abusive treatment of dogs and an increasing number of people joining the movement.

In order to educate the pets, some owners have treated animals violently and abusively, which is not considered a proper technique of training dogs by pet lovers and guardians.

And this time, Tycalk9’s presence on the scene has made it to the center of attention, with Manuel Golden as its owner and subject to allegations of abusing a dog.

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Dog Trainer Arrested Charges Explained

After a social media post became popular, Bane Of Existence on Twitter posted about how dogs are treated badly since their training methods are inhumane and they force the canines to endure an excruciating situation.

Manuel Golden’s circumstance is connected with a dog known as Musa, according to reports which say that he stole the pet from a sitter’s home and took it to his company’s training facility, where he also threatened the woman who was looking for her missing dog.

For now, Manuel Golden has not been charged with stealing the dog; rather, he has been accused of taking the dog without realizing its owner and placing it at his training center.

According to social media, the Houston Police Department is looking into the case, with the potential outcome that Manuel Golden will be imprisoned or fined for canine thievery.

As a result of this, Manuel Golden isn’t well-known enough in his country to have a Wikipedia entry or perhaps he has deactivated all of his social media accounts as a result of the heat of this situation.

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