Luke Valentine BB 2023 Cast Got Fired Up – Who Is He?

Luke Valentine is best known for participating as a houseguest in Big Brother Season 2023 reality show which premiered on August 2, 2023, on CBS in the United States, and on Global in Canada. He got eliminated from the show for using the n-word on a Paramount+ live feed. He made the slur while chatting with fellow contestants Jared Fields, Cory Wurtenberger and Hisam Goueli. After this incident, Valentine was called to a separate room downstairs, where he was seemingly informed of his eviction. (Cameras were not inside the room for the moment.) Let’s find more about Luke Valentine BB 2023 Cast Got Fired Up – Who Is He?

Luke Valentine In BB 2023

Luke Valentine was shown the way of outside for violating the Big Brother code of conduct and there is zero tolerance in the house for using a racial slur. He has been removed from the house just then and there. The moment eventually went viral and led to fans and viewers calling for Valentine’s removal on social media as well. His exit is the latest racially-fueled controversy to hit Big Brother.


Luke Valentine Is Quite Tall

Luke Valentine’s height is 5’10” and body weight is 70 kg. He has blonde hair and has slim body build. He also has six packs and looks smart comparing his overall appearance.


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Fans Reaction After His Eviction From BB 2023

After his eviction from BB 2023, fans were left shocked and in an state of benefit of doubt. Social media platforms were flooded with messages expressing their disbelief and outrage at his departure. Many fans expressed their opinion on his eviction.

One user wrote, “My only problem is that they waited till they got hate for it before they kicked him off. It should’ve happened immediately that night.”


Another user commented, “Let’s start this season off right! No more slurs of any kind! If you say it, just go straight to the diary room and clock out and go home. We have too many sexual orientations in the house this season so if you can’t hang, then leave now and no questions asked! We want a nice clean fun summer in the Big Brother House! We had to wait until almost Fall for it to get started so I don’t need no SHENANIGANS!! You heard Me… 😂😂😂”


Third user wrote, “I’d love for CBS to do an hour long Big Brother special where they discuss their failures in the past of allowing such behavior and how they seek to do better. I recall Andy was called a homophobic slur by the majority of the house every time he entered a room.

Tons of other people said that racial slur as well, even under their breath but the mics picked it up and they were allowed to keep playing. By doing this it just causes a discussion online. We need the wounds of their failures in the past to mend and make it better which I believe an episode covering it and how they want to do better could do….allowing the majority of the viewers to see it instead of the minority that go online.”

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