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Luisa Zissman reveals ‘hellish’ boob reduction to fans on Instagram

On Instagram, Luis Zissman has her followers stumped as she posts a scorching swimsuit picture.

The 35-year-old reality TV star responded to her breast reduction in 2011, saying she didn’t think it was worth the hellish pain and 15 thousand dollar expense.

Luisa Zissman Discusses Boob Reduction On Instagram

In this self-portrait, which has over 19 thousand likes, Luisa is wearing a Gucci one-piece swimsuit, massive sunglasses, and a sun visor.

Luisa captioned the picture: “Spent £15K on a boob reduction, the pain was HELL & look at the size of them! #melons4life.”

Friends and fans filled the comment section, with one showing their jealousy for Luisa’s figure, writing: “Give some to me.”

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Why Did Luisa Zissman Get A Boob Reduction?

Following her breast augmentation operation in 2013, Luisa received a boob reduction in 2018. She stated in a video on Instagram at the time that she just “just got really sick of having huge breasts and clothes looking bad.”

After Luisa had her implants removed, she had a lift and smaller implants inserted. She went on to say in the video:

“If you are considering having a boob job, I’d definitely do it after you have kids. Because I quite liked mine before I had the last two babies and then they just kept getting bigger and bigger, so wait until you have babies.”



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