Who Is Lindsay Sheffield, Donald Cerrone’s Wife?

Lindsay Sheffield is the wife of American MMA fighter Don Cerrone. Cerrone and his wife Lindsay have two children, both sons: Dacson Danger Cerrone, born June 29, 2018, and Riot River Cerrone, born September 11, 2020. Cerrone is good friends with Rob McElhenney, the creator of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, who has trained at BMF Ranch, and Cerrone made an appearance alongside Paul Felder and Dana White in season 12’s “Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare.”

His spouse is the center of attention. He holds a professional mixed martial arts record of 36 victories, 16 losses, zero draws, and two no contests in his career. He’s from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and fights in the welterweight division. Cerrone fought his final bout in the UFC against Alex Morono on May 08, 2021, and he lost. He began his MMA career in 2005 and is still active in the field. Who Is Lindsay Sheffield, Donald Cerrone’s Wife?

Donald Cerrone’s Wife Lindsay Sheffield

Lindsay Sheffield, the wife of UFC fighter and wrestler Donald Cerrone, has not made her information public on social media sites. However, she has a personal Instagram account called @lssheffield. With 539 postings, she has 15 thousand followers and four hundred followers back.

She also appeared on her spouse’s Instagram. She was there for her husband when he battled on his social media accounts. Donald Cerrone’s wife, Lindsay Sheffield, is a few years older than him. Donald Cerrone is 39 years old and was born in Denver, Colorado, United States on March 29, 1983. Lindsay is about to turn 30 and has a BMI of 24 kg/m²

Donald Cerrone Ethnicity

He has a wonderful family who adore and care for him. He’s been able to realize his goal owing to the support of his family, and he’s always gotten their backing and respect. His father committed him to his maternal grandmother Jerry Cerrone, who welcomed him with open arms.

Nic’s father is named as Tony Cerrone, according to his Instagram and bio profiles. He has gained 500 followers since he started using Instagram. Nic was the younger of his two half-brothers and half-sisters. He hasn’t revealed any details about his family to the press, preferring to keep his professional life separate from them.

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Donald Cerrone Marriage With Lindsay Sheffield

The marital happiness of Victor Cerrone and his spouse Lindsay Sheffield appears to be going swimmingly. The pair got married after a lengthy engagement, and they have welcomed their first kid on June 29, 2018. His name is Dawson Danger Cerrone, he’s three years old in 2022.

They additionally had their second kid on September 11, 2020. Riot River Cerrone is one year old in 2022 and was born on September 11, 2020. Their youngster has a two-year age difference. On his Instagram account, Donald has shared several photographs of him spending time with his children, including this one showing a lot of love and attention to them.

Donald Cerrone FAQs

  • What is Donald Cerrone’s ethnicity?
  • Donald Cerrone is of Italian descent.
  • What is Donald Cerrone’s record?
  • Donald Cerrone has a professional mixed martial arts record of 36 victories, 16 losses, zero draws, and two no contests in his career.
  • When is Donald Cerrone’s birthday?
  • Donald Cerrone was born on March 29, 1983.

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