Lil Travieso Death: How Did Lil Travieso Die?

Lil Travieso a well-known rapper. He was killed in a home invasion. He was killed during the same time as many prominent musicians such as Xxxtentacion, Juice World, Pop Smoke, and others. When social media was flooded with RIP tributes for the deceased artist, the music industry was taken aback. His real name was Rafael ‘Lil Travieso Lowks’ Escoto.

How Did Lil Travieso Die?

Lil Travieso has reportedly died. On Twitter, NewWestCoastTV1 posted a photo of the deceased musician. The caption for the photograph read, “The artist sadly passed away in a vehicle accident in Pikes Peak Park and will no longer be with us.” After hearing the news, several more sources confirmed Gaga’s death. Her fans were equally shocked by the unexpected announcement.

Lil Travieso Death

Lil Travieso died in an automobile accident, according to many Twitter users. His death has been labeled a vehicle accident by many, but the circumstances surrounding it have not yet been released. The number of American rappers and hip-hop musicians who died at an early age has now reached Lil Travieso. In 2018, well-known rapper XXXTentacion was shot to death.


Mac Miller died in 2018 as a result of a drug overdose. Although some people have perished for various reasons, firearm and drug-related deaths continue to occur. According to urban legend, Lil Travieso was murdered with a handgun after uploading photographs of himself holding a pistol and making reference to it in his song.

His death has yet to be explained. The public is still attempting to figure out more information about the young rapper’s unexpected demise. The musician’s family has not released any statements regarding his passing, which makes determining what killed him difficult.

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Lil Travieso Net Worth

Lil Travieso’s wealth was still relatively modest at the time of his death. The artist, on the other hand, was quite well-known and had several top hits. Despite being a newcomer to the music business, he released songs such as Bangin’ the Park, P Thang , and Warzone before his passing. He already has over 16 thousand monthly Spotify listeners and has been verified.

On Spotify, Thuggin has over 335 thousand streams. On YouTube, the song in which he collaborated with Lil Nate has had 1.5 million views. He was also a part of the LatinBeastTV label.

  • Nonetheless, despite his privileged position and large following, the rapper was living a comfortable life and had a broad following.
  • His followers have been devastated by the news, which they have been expressing on social networking sites via heartfelt posts.

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