Lia Hambly From Netflix’s ‘Can I Tell You a Secret?’ Wiki, Age, Harassed By Matthew

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Lia Hambly is one the victim of Matthew Hardy, a British cyber stalker who pleaded guilty to harassing women online. He is one of the most active cyber stalkers in the United Kingdom having reportedly impacted 63 victims in eleven years.

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Lia, said the thug sent her ‘hundreds’ of posts on Instagram and WhatsApp and claimed he was watching her in her home town. Can I Tell You a Secret?, a Netflix documentary which is currently investigating the accounts of the women Hardy targeted in order to determine why it took so long to prosecute him.

What Happened With Lia Hambly?

Lia is the first woman targeted by Matthew through Instagram, said he hounded her with ‘hundreds’ of messages for three years. She told how even if she blocked his account he would simply create another one and continue to harass her. She said he alluded to affairs and created accounts posing as her and family members.

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She was 21 years old when he initially messaged her through an unidentified Instagram account, claimed that a barrage of messages quickly ensued on both the platform and WhatsApp. She told the BBC,

“He made out he was in my town, watching me when I went out. He was constantly messaging me and saying he’s only just getting started and I should be worried about what he’s going to do next. He used to work through the night, so [I would] wake up to hundreds and hundreds of messages.”

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What Is Lia Hambly Doing Now?

Lia Hambly is currently running her boutique. She is 23 years old, as of 2024. Her birth name is Lia Marie Hambly. In 2019, Hardy started stalking her. He made hundreds of contacts with Lia, her family, and friends.

She has been fully immersing herself in the joy of life by traveling to different places. Lia and Abby Furness even made an appearance on ‘This Morning’ on December 21, 2024, to promote their Netflix documentary series, sharing their incredible journey with the world. Lia went on a memorable trip to Italy in September 2023 and then visited Dubai, UAE in January 2024. Zoe Hallam is also the victim of Hardy.


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