Who Is Kizzy Edgell? Age, Birthday, Bio, Height, Weight, Sexuality

Kizzy Edgell hails from England who is best known for appearing in the, ‘Heartstopper’ (TV series) who is primarily known for their role as Darcy Olsson in the 2022 Netflix series Heartstopper. They appeared in five episodes of the first season. It is no wonder that their Instagram account ‘51212.87287’ has accumulated over 777K followers, as of Aug 2023. They post high-quality content and engage with their followers on a regular basis. They also collaborate with other influencers and brands, which helps them reach a larger followers.

Kizzy Edgell Age

What is the age of Kizzy Edgell? His age is 20 years old, as of 2023. They was born on August 15, 2002 in England. They have a pet black cat.


Kizzy Edgell Sexuality

What is the sexuality of Kizzy Edgell? The actor describes themselves as genderqueer. They have used the pronoun ‘they’ in their Instagram bio. People who identify as non-binary or genderqueer think that the traditional gender binary conceptions cannot adequately describe who they are. They belief that everyone should feel free to express and explore their sexuality without fear or judgement.

Kizzy Edgell Wiki

Real NameKizzy Edgell
Age20 years old (As of 2023)
BirthdateAugust 15, 2002
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight71 Kg
Net Worth$3 million, as of 2023

Kizzy Edgell cast in ‘Heartstopper’

Kizzy Edgell casts as Darcy Olsson, Tara’s girlfriend and a friend of Elle’s. Heartstopper season 2 arrives on Netflix on Thursday, August 3, 2023. There’s a lot to look forward to in season 2 because life is getting busier and romance is on the cards for many characters.


Plot of the series is, “Nick and Charlie navigate their new relationship; Tara and Darcy face unforeseen challenges and Tao and Elle work out if they can ever be more than just friends. With exams on the horizon, a school trip to Paris and a prom to plan, the gang has a lot to juggle as they journey through the next stages of life, love and friendship.”

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How tall is Kizzy Edgell?

They stands 5’8” and body weight is 71 Kg. They has brown eyes and long brown hair. His complexion is fair and they has a slender body build. He has a friendly and cheerful personality.

Quick Facts About Kizzy Edgell

  1. Kizzy has already made a lasting impression on the industry with her strong performance.
  2. They has consistently demonstrated the skills needed to succeed in the industry.
  3. Her accomplishments have been recognized by her peers and superiors alike.
  4. Kizzy is a role model for aspiring professionals in the field.
  5. Kizzy has been commended for her hard work and dedication, which has paved the way for other professionals to follow in her footsteps.
  6. This is the fact that Heartstopper has reached such a wide audience, resulting in the cast members, including Edgell, becoming social media influencers.
  7. Her success and popularity is reflected not only in her followership but also in her financial situation, earning her a net worth of $50,000.

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