Who Is Katie Hannaford: Fall On Daughter’s Sports Day

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Katie Hannaford, 36, of Essex, fell face first on social media after her daughter’s Sports Day Parents Race this week. The mother whose bare bottom went viral when she face-planted at her daughter’s school’s parent race said she is appreciative for the attention, and that the event has resulted in thousands of suitors. Who Is Katie Hannaford: Fall On Daughter’s Sports Day.

Katie Hannaford: Fall On Daughter’s Sports Day

Katie Hannaford, 36, Essex, was persuaded by her daughter to take part in race. She fell over her own feet, and ended up mooning everybody who was watching. Now that her story has gone viral, Katie said she’s got a lot of attention.

After calling herself out on camera, Katie’s skirt lifted and her thong was exposed, launching her improbable rise to celebrity. A few days later, Katie has stated that she and her children have been recognized in their local Tesco as well as online, with 500 suitors from all around the world contacting her. And after acknowledging the fact that her derriere had become a phenomenon, Katie told The Mirror that she was enjoying the attention.

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More On Katie Hannaford

Katie, who goes by the username ‘clumsy,’ said she received moving remarks including one that stated the video was the first thing to make them smile for half a year. Katie, dubbed ‘clumsy,’ added that she had also gotten nasty intentions. She said that she was sleeping when the fire began and, upon waking up, discovered that all of her belongings were destroyed.


She said she doesn’t want to be famous and it has just happened to her. Her youngest daughter went to school later and was informed by her classmates that her mother had become famous after the narrative spread online.

Katie Hannaford Funny Falls On Daughter’s Sports Day

Katie’s reaction to the accident was priceless, though she admitted that she has yet to stop laughing since then. In the amusing viral video, the mother from Basildon, Essex, was seen standing in the third lane from the left. The race began after that and Katie, who was wearing a blue dress, fell back before falling to the ground. Unfortunately, her dress rose over her head and exposed her underwear to everyone watching.

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