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How Is Ukrainian Gymnast Kateryna Diachenko Died?

Kateryna Diachenko reportedly died after her home was struck by a Russian missile. The 11-year-old rhythmic gymnast had competed across Ukraine before the war. Mariupol is surrounded by Russian forces – with much of the city levelled by shelling. ‘I can’t believe we live in such a cruel world’.

Kateryna Diachenko, a Ukrainian gymnast, was killed when a home in Mariupol was struck by an Russian missile, according to reports. The youngster was on the premises when it was bombed, in a city that has been under Russian attack for weeks. Her coach Anastasia Meshchanenkov remarked: ‘She was supposed to go over the world, but died buried beneath rubble.’ How Is Ukrainian Gymnast Kateryna Diachenko Died?

Who Is Kateryna Diachenko?

The distraught gymnastics teacher asked: ‘Can there be any justification of that?’Look at this talented girl.

‘She was supposed to give her smiles to the world. ‘What are children guilty of? ‘I believe that there is a space in hell for everyone who is involved – and as soon as possible.” She posted: ‘I cannot speak, maybe when I come back to my senses.’

The youngster was a rhythmic gymnast, in which Alina Kabaeva, Putin’s purported partner, won an Olympic gold medal and numerous other accolades.

A petition has been started to demand he is thrown out of Switzerland where reports suggested she was hiding during the war with children she supposedly shares with Putin.

‘It’s time you reunite Eva Braun with her Führer,’ says the incendiary petition. Another report indicated she had retreated to a hi-tech underground city in Siberia.

Kabaeva – who plays a major role training young gymnasts in Russia – has not commented on her death even though condolences have come in from around the world.

Bulgarian gymnast Iliana Raeva said: ‘I can’t believe we live in such a cruel world.’ The Swiss federation said she was ‘one of many victims of a senseless war’.

In her only comment on the war, Kabaeva castigated the refusal to allow the Russian team to compete at the Beijing Paralympics. ‘There has never been a more shameful page in the history of world sports,’ she said.

Kateryna Diachenko Family

Kateryna’s mother Marina Diachenko has not spoken about her loss. Her son Artyom, Kateryna’s younger brother, is a talented kickboxer.

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How Is Ukrainian Gymnast Kateryna Diachenko Died?

A missile hit the building where Kateryna was at the time, according to reports. Russian forces have surrounded Mariupol, a city in south-eastern Ukraine which had a population of nearly half a million before the war, and are pounding it with heavy artillery and airstrikes.

Local officials say at least 300 people were killed in the city on March 16, when Russian bombs struck a central theatre.

Forces loyal to Putin, including Chechen special forces, are reported to have reached the centre of Mariupol where they are clashing with Ukrainian troops.

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