Who Is The Spouse Of German Skater, Katarina Witt?

Katarina Witt is a German former figure skater. A two-time Olympic champion, she won the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics and the 1988 Calgary Olympics. She is also a four-time World champion and two-time European champion. Witt’s distinctive repertoire made her one of the most recognizable figure skaters of her generation. The media called her “Katarina the Great”. Her career effectively ended when she turned professional in December 1988, at the conclusion of the Winter Olympic Games in Calgary. In 2008, Witt was inducted into both the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame and the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame. Who Is The Spouse Of German Skater, Katarina Witt?

Katarina Witt’s Husband

Katarina Witt is regarded as one of the most successful figure skaters in history, dominating the arena throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. She is a two-time Olympic champion, having won gold medals at the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics and the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. She also won eight World Figure Skating Championships titles and six European Figure Skating Championships titles.

Witt began skating at age five and quickly showed natural talent for the sport. When she was nine years old, she was selected to train at the prestigious German Sport University Cologne. It was there that she met her longtime coach Jutta Müller. Her personal life, on the other hand, is a hot topic among her followers.


In 2022, Katarina Witt will be unmarried and without children. Who is Katarina Witt’s partner, then? Even though she isn’t married, several celebrities have been linked to her romantically. She was in a serious relationship with Ingo Politz in the 1980s but broke up with him later. After her third divorce, Katarina began dating actor Richard Dean Anderson. Their relationship was short-lived, however.


Markus Herrmann, a well-known German businessman, has also been linked to Katarina. They were together from 1996 to 2002. Since she broke up with Markus, she has not been involved in another relationship. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that she is still single because there is evidence in the media to back this up.

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Katarina Witt Childhood and Early Career

Witt was born in East Berlin, East Germany as the third child to Käthe Witt and Manfred Witt, a taxicab driver. Her mother worked as an engineer for a state-owned construction company until 1977. In August 1988, her parents separated due to her father’s alcoholism. According to her biographer Carol Ann Tomlinson, Witt’s maternal grandfather probably introduced her to skating; he took her frequently to see ice shows which included Sonja Henie’s performances in the 1930s.

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