Kanye West’s scathing Pete and Kim ‘diss track’ shocks fans

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Kanye West debuted his new song, Eazy, on Instagram Friday. The Game collaborated with Kanye on the track, which was released at midnight.

For a variety of reasons, Kanye’s new song is a hot topic of discussion online right now. It not only features some perplexingly strange visuals, but it also mentions Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West Disses Pete And Kim

Kanye hasn’t held back on Eazy, and he bashes SNL star Pete Davidson in one fell swoop. The 28-year-old is dating Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s ex-wife.

“God saved me from the crash / just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s a**,” he raps, referring to the 2002 crash in which Kanye almost died after falling asleep at the wheel.

Ye also takes several swipes at his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, with whom he shares four kids. Ye begins fairly mild, rhyming: “N****, we are having the greatest divorce ever/ If we go to court, we’ll go together.” He doesn’t even try to hide his annoyance.

He says, “I’m the one who takes care of the kids; I watched four kids for five hours today,” before pointing out that she hasn’t been watching the children: “The cameras watch the children; you stop taking all of the credit.”

Despite this, he still felt inclined to talk about himself and his personal life; in a video where he played with fire asides, he even dissed his own kids North, Saint, Psalm , and Chi.

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‘Diss Track’ Shocks Fans

Fans are beside themselves that Kanye West wrote a “diss track” about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. “I can’t believe Kanye west wrote a diss track (line in his song) about Pete Davidson,” one person said.

“It just seems like a terrible idea to trash someone who can make fun of you at will on national television on a whim lol.”

“Kanye’s Kim K diss track is wild,” said another.

“Kanye West releasing a diss track against Pete Davidson, what an exciting time to be alive,” a third person remarked.

“I’m not sure why Kanye did that. It’s not like Pete Davidson is going to respond by releasing a diss track,” observed another. That was a surprise to everyone! Nobody included it on their 2022 bingo card!

The Artwork Is A Skinned Monkey

The new song’s artwork is quite disturbing. On Friday, Kanye shared a sickening photo of a skinned monkey devoid of its fur and dripping with blood on Instagram.

MY LIFESTYLE IS NEVER EASY, it read. no one knew what it meant at the time, and now we know it’s the artwork for Eazy’s album.

But no one is sure what significance the monkey has to the song or if there is any connection at all. Nick Knight, a British fashion photographer, took this shot in 1997 as part of an editorial for Big Magazine.

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