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Frances Cain: What Is Jeremey Clarkson’s Ex-wife Doing Now?

The ex-wife of former “Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson is Frances Cain. They were married for over two decades, from 1993 to 2014, and have three children together.

The Ex-Wife of “Top Gear” presenter Jeremy Clarkson

Frances Cain was the second spouse of Jeremy Clarkson, a British-born television host and journalist. Frances was Jeremy’s manager when he began his career in broadcasting. He was previously married to Alex Hall, with whom he had two children. When the couple divorced in 1990, Jeremy leaned on Frances and their professional relationship soon evolved into a romantic one. On May 8, 1993, Frances and Jeremy got married.

Jeremy lavished his wife with presents, and she reciprocated. Mrs. Clarkson bought him a brand-new Mercedes-Benz 600 for Christmas 2007 since she knew how much he loved automobiles. However, things were not going well in their marriage, and no amount of lavish presents could remedy the issues. Jeremy, known for his onscreen histrionics, was just as outrageous off-camera.

Throughout the whole duration of their marriage, he was allegedly unfaithful to Frances. While some of the allegations might be attributed to dirt sheet gossip, some statements were true.

His first wife, Alex, has accused him of adultery after their divorce and the subsequent marriage of his second wife. After divorcing her husband and remarrying, she said that they continued to have a sexual relationship even after their divorce and that Jeremy married his current spouse. Clarkson filed an injunction lawsuit in court to prevent Alex from airing their dirty laundry to the world. Nonetheless, their marriage did not last long after that.

In April 2014, Frances filed for divorce from Jeremy — which was subsequently granted by the courts. According to reports, their divorce cost him over €10 million ($11.6 million).

Frances Cain Children

Despite the fact that they split up violently, Frances and Jeremy were able to have three children. They are delighted parents to a son, Finlo Clarkson, and twin girls, Emily and Katya Clarkson.

Frances Cain Wiki, Bio

Frances Cain was born in about 1962. She is the daughter of Robert Henry Cain, a World War II veteran and recipient of the Victoria Cross for Valor.

Aside from that, little is known about Frances Cain’s early years. Frances Cain rose to prominence owing to her marriage with Jeremy Clarkson. Following their divorce, Frances vowed anonymity and now lives a modest existence away from the public eye.

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Where is Frances Cain Now?

Since her divorce, Frances Cain has avoided the public eye but occasionally socializes with her pal, Fred Milln. In April 2019, a photographer for the Daily Mail photographed her vacationing in Barbados with then-34-year-old Fred.

Since 2014, the pair has spent much of their time lounging around and generally having a good time. With their holiday photographs, they’ve made tabloid gossip fodder for years. While the nature of Frances and Fred’s relationship is unknown, he has been her rock since her divorce in 2014.

Since then, the two pals have spent time together, and it’s clear that Frances leans on him. Some people believe they are more than friends, given how close the two are. Because Jeremy has no problem showing off his girlfriend to the rest of the world, Frances feels entitled to be cheerful. Clarkson has been dating screenwriter and actress Lisa Hogan since at least 2017. She is an Irish-born actress and screenwriter who has appeared in TV shows such as ‘The Crown’ and ‘Baggage: The Surprising Truth About Carry-Ons.’



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