Does Jennette McCurdy have OnlyFans? iCarly star leaked photos in news

Does Jennette McCurdy have OnlyFans? The iCarly star’s recent appearance in the news has the story back in the news, and Many people are asking if she has an OnlyFans account now that she’s famous. So, do they? And what’s the backstory behind these leaked pictures?

Jennette McCurdy leaked photos

So, back in 2014, leaked photos of Jennette McCurdy appeared online.

Without mentioning his name, the actress implied that her ex-boyfriend, NBA star Andre Drummond, was the source of the photos being published since he was the only one who had seen them. She wrote on Twitter: “I sent those photos to just one person. You may connect the dots.”

In response to Jennette McCurdy, Andre Drummond tweeted.

But the leaker’s true identity was never revealed.

After the pictures leaked, it was reported that the future of Sam and Cat, a program McCurdy had been working on, was in danger after the leak. However, it was claimed that McCurdy’s bad relationship with Nickelodeon was the reason for the cancellation.

Does Jennette McCurdy have an OnlyFans?

So, now you know the back story to the leaked photos of Jennette McCurdy that everyone’s talking about once more. Is she on OnlyFamilies? No, it does not appear that she is.

People have been talking about it on the internet and have even inquired as to whether she’s thinking of joining.

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Others have even used her iCarly persona, Sam Puckett, to name their website.

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