What Jeffery Dahmer Did With Daniel Ciczek?

Jeffery Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender who was sentenced to fifteen terms of life imprisonment on February 17, 1992. In 1978, Dahmer was later sentenced to a sixteenth term of life imprisonment for an additional homicide committed in Ohio. Also, Dahmer had been an “energetic and happy child” but became notably subdued after double hernia surgery shortly before his fourth birthday.

Moreover, Daniel Ciczek was a dead man whose funeral’s photo Jeffery had seen in newspaper and found him attractive. Then, he decided to go to the funeral place and sleep with him grave and make love. Jeffery stated, he found Daniel very attractive and he felt Daniel’s dead body was still fresh and he wanted to have a good time with the dead body. Find more about, What Jeffery Dahmer Did With Daniel Ciczek?

Jeffery Dahmer And Daniel Ciczek

Dahmer attempted to exhume Daniel Ciszek from the cemetery, but due to the dry season in March, the ground was too hard and it would have taken Dahmer forever to dig his body out. So he gave up. However, Dahmer confessed to police that he had wished to do this no matter what.

During the time of confession, Jeffery Dahmer said, ” I have dug out Daniel Ciczek, and believes that it have been the end of my killings”.

Although he was guilty of a horrible crime, some people sympathized with him because they believed that he had been driven to do such an act by his unfortunate past experiences.

The case sparked much debate in the media. Some argued that the man should be shown mercy because of his troubled past, while others thought he deserved a harsh punishment for his act of violence. In the end, the court decided to sentence him to life in prison.


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Some Lesser Known Facts About Jeffery Dahmer

  • Jeffery Dahmer was regarded as quiet and timid; one teacher later recollected she detected early signs of abandonment
  • Dahmer was very interested in an interest in dead animals, from an early age.
  • He had begun drinking beer and hard alcohol in daylight hours, at the age of 14.
  • Dahmer had begun to regularly frequent the bathhouses, which he later described as being “relaxing places”, by late 1985.
  • Dahmer encountered 31-year-old aspiring model Tony Hughes at a nightclub, on May 24, 1991.
  • He was questioned by Detective Patrick Kennedy as to the murders he had committed and the evidence found at his apartment, on July 23, 1991.

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