Who was Jay Weaver’s wife as Big Daddy Weave musician dies aged 42?

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Big Daddy Weave bassist and vocalist Jay Weaver has died at the age of 42, according to reports. His brother, Mike Weaver, said he had died from complications linked to coxid-19 infection.
Fans are continuing to mourn Jay Weaver’s death, and it’s all thanks to his family life. They will learn more about his family life as news of his passing is shared online.

Jay Weaver dies aged 42

Jason “Jay” Weaver, the bassist and frontman for Big Daddy Weave, has died after succumbing to the effects of cid-19. His death was announced by his brother on Monday (3 January) in a video posted to the official Big Daddy Weave Instagram account.

The death of Jay was announced on Tuesday, just days after the Christian band revealed he had been hospitalized due to a “difficult battle with covid.” Jay’s wife, Emily, sent out a missive on Instagram expressing her hope that her “best friend/everything” would be OK.

She wrote: “Friends, would you please pray for Jay, his wife Emily and their children? Jay has been in the hospital for five days fighting a tough battle against Covid. Would you pray with us for complete healing for Jay and for peace for his family? We pray in the name of Jesus that it be so.

From Jay’s wife Emily:

I am asking you all to pray for Jay. He has been in the hospital since Tuesday. He is fighting so hard. I can see it on him as I look through the window of his door. Yes, he has the awful virus. I just want my best friend/everything to get better.”

Who is Jay Weaver’s wife?

His wife, Emily, and their three children – Makenzie, Madison, and Nathan – are all survived by him.

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Although little information about Jay and Emily’s connection has been revealed online, as indicated by his Facebook page, the pair married in 2003 and marked their 18th wedding anniversary in December.

Fans send condolences to musician’s family

Fans of Christian band Big Daddy Weave have taken to social media to mourn Jay and offer their support to his family:

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