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Is Ariana Grande Pregnant?

Many people are now spending more time at home with loved ones, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Ariana Grande, a singer who has a busy schedule but is still connected to her fans and loved ones, has taken this opportunity to relax.

The singer of “Thank u, Next” has been sharing photos of her dogs and selfies of her new ponytail. Dalton Gomez, her boyfriend, has also been shared by the singer.

Now, the 27-year-old singer just posted a photo of herself on Instagram that has fans convinced she’s pregnant.

Ariana Grande relationship with Dalton Gomez explored

Grande and Gomez who is a realtor in LA have been dating since January 2020. Amid the pandemic, the pair have been hunkering down together in the “God Is A Woman” singer’s LA home and social distancing.

On June 26, the day before the singer’s birthday she showed photos and videos of her home along with a cutesy photo of her cuddling with Gomez.

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant?

Like usual, on July 18, the singer posted another series of photos and videos of herself hanging out at her Hollywood Hills estate. However, there was one photo in the series that had fans shook.


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In the photo, Grande is lounging by the pool with her dogs and fans are going nuts over the possible baby bump that is spotted in the photo. Since Grande’s knees are up as she’s laying on her back, it does appear that she has a small bump in her midsection, but it could be the angle.

Ariana Grande’s potential pregnancy bump

Obviously, fans immediately noticed what appears to be a bump in Grande’s midsection and her Instagram comments have been flooded with comments.

“OmG iS ShE PrEgNanT??!?!” one fan asked. Another added, “Your stomach on the 3rd slide ?????” “OMG İS SHE PREGNANT ??????” one fan flat out asked.

Other fans pointed out the fact that she was glowing in her other photos. “Omg!!!!! you are glowing!!!!” However, aside from the handful of most recent photos that have been shot from the waist up, the rest of Grande’s photos show her super toned tummy. Grande has not yet commented on the speculation At this point, we doubt she will. After having very public relationships with Big Sean, Mac Miller, and Pete Davidson, she probably wants to keep her private life private.

It’s also very possible that the artist is simply happy to be lounging around her stunning $13 million home.

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