Who Is Ioana Bugarin, HBO’ Ruxx Actress?

Ioana Bugarin is a Romanian actress who has appeared in both film and stage. Moromete Family: On the Edge of Time, which was released in 2018, saw her star in a major role. He has had significant parts in Scara and Saturday Night Years, as well as other films. The play was staged at the ‘Odeon’ theater in Bucharest. Ioana currently stars as Denisa in the HBO television series Ruxx, which premiered on March 8th. Who Is Ioana Bugarin, HBO’ Ruxx Actress?

Ioana Bugarin Age, Height & Weight

Ioana Bugarin is presently 25 or 26 years old as born in 1996. She has not revealed her date of birth. Ioana appears to be a tall girl; she’s approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall. Bugarin maintains a healthy weight despite her towering stature by exercising regularly and eating properly.

Ioana was sixteen years old when she began her acting career. She made her cinematic debut in Radu Gabrea’s romance film O poveste de dragoste, Lindenfeld / Lindenfeld, a Love Story. In 2019, she earned a bachelor’s degree in National University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography and a master’s degree from the London Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Who Is Ioana Bugarin Boyfriend?

Ioana Bugarin has chosen not to reveal her boyfriend in the public eye. We’re also unsure if the actress is dating or not. Like other celebrities, Ioana has kept her love life private. It appears that Ioana Bugarin is now single because she has not posted pictures of her partner or boyfriend on social media sites. The actress, on the other hand, may be keeping her lover under wraps from the public eye. It’s reasonable to assume that Ioana Bugarin is single since there isn’t any formal data regarding her relationship status.


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Ioana Bugarin Net Worth

Ioana Bugarin’s net worth is believed to be anywhere from $300K to $800K. From her acting profession, we may infer that she has a substantial net worth. With over a decade of expertise in the film business, we can reasonably estimate that her earnings are huge.

Meet Ioana Bugarin On Instagram

Ioana Bugarin is an Instagram user with the handle of @bugarin___. Bugarin currently has over 3.3K followers and has posted a total of 58 items on her profile, which she manages under the username Ioana Bugarin. The actress frequently posts photographs of herself in various locations on her page.

Ioana Bugarin FAQs

  • Ioana Bugarin loves red color.
  • She has a fear of heights.
  • Ioana loves to eat junk food.
  • She is an animal lover and has a pet dog named “Buddy”.
  • Her favorite actor is Tom Hanks.
  • Ioana Bugarin’s favorite movie is Forrest Gump.
  • The actress’ favorite TV show is Friends.
  • Ioana loves to travel and her favourite destination is Paris.

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