Where To Watch ‘Tokyo 24th Ward’: Plot & Characters

If you enjoy action, drama, and riddles with unsolved mysteries, this anime is a must-watch. Tokyo 24th Ward is a CloverWorks original anime television series set in Tokyo, Japan. The debut episode of the series aired in January 2022. Anime fans have been waiting impatiently to watch Tokyo 24th Ward since then. Ran, Koki, and Shuta grew up together in the 24th Ward of Tokyo Bay’s artificial island, a unique part of the city. When their school burned down, Asumi’s brother Koki was trapped within. Shuya rushed in, but after they argued over the best course of action, he was unable to rescue her. They are currently receiving visual communications from Asumi in which they must make life-or-death decisions regarding their actions.

The anime adaptation of Dokidoki! Precure is directed by Naokatsu Tsuda, with Vio Shimokura writing and organizing the screenplays, Shuji Sogabe and Kanako Nono redesigning the characters, Takahiro Kishida animating those designs, and Hideyuki Fukasawa composing the soundtrack. It premiered on Tokyo MX on January 6, 2022, as well as other networks. The anime was translated into Vietnamese by Banoi Video Production and broadcast on VTV3. In addition, the series has been licensed in Southeast Asia by Plus Media Networks Asia, with plans to air it on Aniplus Asia. Tokyo 24th Ward is a new anime that is not based on manga or any other source material.

Many anime fans are doubtful about such a project, while others are eager to see how Tsuda handles it. The Tokyo 24th Ward has intrigued anime enthusiasts not just because of its amazing artwork, but also due to the dynamic duo behind its creation. After his work on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Tsuda has shown a good feel for the subject, but the buck doesn’t really stop there. Based on the character designs alone, it’s no surprise that this series is generating so much anticipation, especially among female anime fans.


Shuta Aoi’s voice is Junya Enoki. The blue-haired son of the 24th Ward’s owner. He has near-miraculous physical abilities and is in excellent health. Because he protects the Ward, he is known as “Mr.24.” Since they were kids, Yuma UchIDA has played the part of Ran Akagi. Shuta is the red-headed artistic leader of the group “DoRed.” He has a powerful presence and uses graffiti art to convey his message. He’s known as RGB for his three companions, who are childhood buddies: Shuta, Koki, and Bikosu.

Koki Suidō is voiced by Kaito Ishikawa. A green-haired son of the renowned “Suidou Zaibatsu” in the 24th ward resides there. He’s rather bright and has a typical calm demeanor. Shuta and Ran have known him since they were kids.

Asumi Suidō is portrayed by Manaka Iwami. She was Koki’s sister and a long-time friend of Ran, Kouki, and Shuta, who called them “RGB” because to their varying hair colors. She perished in Shuta’s arms after being trapped in a fire at her school last year, despite Ran’s best efforts. Mari Sakuragi is played by Yui Makino. Daisy is the name of Shuta’s dog, who grew up with Kouki, Ran, and Shuta.

Kinako is voiced by Nanami Tomaru. A member of the “DoRed” organization and a friend of Ran’s. Hitomi Nabatame is the voice of Sakiko Tsuzuragawa. She is the main researcher for the Central Information Center and keeps a close eye on Koki. Gori Suidō is voiced by Taiten Kusunoki. Kanae Suidocast Sayaka Ohara, Soma Saito voices Kunai, and Atsushi Imaruoka voices Yamamori. Eri Kitamura voices Lucky. Yōji Ueda provides the voice of Hiroki. A former teacher at Takara Elementary School who maintains contact with and is interested in his former pupils’ lives.

Rina Hidaka is Kozue Shirakaba in the anime. Hiroki Shirakaba’s daughter refuses to go to school after following the fire that claimed Asumi’s life. Wataru Tsukushi is played by Yuichi Nakamura. Kana Shishido is portrayed by Yumiri Hanamori. Hiroya Egashira voices Kaoru Shind in this series. nHis prominent gang members are called Gutter and Chop.

Where To Watch ‘Tokyo 24th Ward’?

Crunchyroll streams each new Tokyo 24th Ward episode with English subtitles every week. However, we’ll keep an eye out for any dub reveals. If you aren’t a Crunchyroll member, you’ll have to wait a week for each new episode, as well as commercial breaks. It’s been licensed by Funimation as well.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding this cartoon. The first two or three episodes may be the most crucial in determining how successful the show is, because those are the ones that people talk about when they discuss it among themselves and post comments on blogs and discussion forums.

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If other people like you’re watching it and you want to keep up with what’s going on, then don’t listen to them; go ahead and watch it. Those who have an account can view new episodes ad-free as soon as they are posted, similar to Crunchyroll, but those who do not have an account will be unable to view new content for a week. Animesor is one of the sites where you may watch anime.

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