How to do the viral ‘Google Gravity’ trick that will amaze you

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Despite the fact that the majority of us utilize Google on a regular basis, we wouldn’t be aware of all of its features, especially the entertaining ones it has to offer. We’ll explain what the “Google Gravity” technique is and how to use it today.

Previously, we informed you about the Google ‘do a barrel roll’ trick, which has apparently taken over the Internet in recent days. Along with the Google Gravity method, we’ll show you a few more of these fascinating features to play around with on Google.

What Is The Google Gravity Trick And How To Do It

In contrast to “do a barrel,” “how to spell askew,” and other similar search phrase hacks, the ‘Google Gravity’ technique is rather unique. You won’t get any results if you simply input “Google Gravity” into the search bar.

Simply type “Google Gravity” and then click on “I’m feeling Lucky” under the navigation bar. The following thing you see, all of Google’s choices appear to have plummeted as if they are being dragged downward by gravity.

Is It The Same As Google Gravity Space?

No, Google Gravity and Google Gravity Space are two distinct services. The procedures for Google Gravity Space are the same as those for Google Gravity. However, when you choose type the latter, all of the choices on the Google page appear to be floating.

Unlike other methods, the Google Space Gravity feature is more permanent. However, you can’t look up anything using the navigation menu or anywhere else on the landing platform.

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Other Fun Features On The Platform Explored

If you enjoyed using Google Gravity or Gravity Space games, there are many more to try. The following are a few of them.

‘Do a barrel roll‘ – All you have to do is search for “do a barrel roll” on Google to see if it works. When you click enter, the entire site begins rolling like a barrel in a circular motion. After one spin, it returns to its original position.

Google sphere – Another interesting feature to try on the platform is ‘Google sphere,’ which causes all of the tabs on the page to float for a few seconds when you type the same and choose ‘I’m feeling lucky.’

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