How Old Is Kirsten Titus In 2022: Check Out Her Birthday

On TikTok, Kristen Titus uses the handle pepperonimuffin. One day, she posted a photo on her Instagram story showing her inadvertently flashing her personal area. While the TikTok celebrity was having a good time at Coachella with her friends, she made a mistake and put up a snap without double-checking it. It didn’t take long for others to notice, and within minutes, the social media clout had removed the image from her Instagram story. How Old Is Kirsten Titus In 2022: Check Out Her Birthday.

Kirsten Titus Age: Check Out Her Birthday

How old is Kirsten Titus? She was born on September 29, 1997 in Hawaii. She is 24 years old, as of 2022. She has a younger sister named Erika. She also has an older brother named Jacob.

Kirsten Titus Instagram Viral Story

On April 23, Kristenposted a story on Instagram in which she displayed her Coachella dress. It appeared that the social media influencer was sitting inside of a golf cart while taking the picture.


As Kristen lounged around at Coachella and anticipated that her hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers would enjoy it, she shared the same on her story. However, fans rapidly noticed that Kristen’s photo appeared to be flashing. Some devoted followers informed the TikTok star about it, and she promptly removed the image.

Kirsten Titus Removed Viral Story

After the photo grabbed her followers’ attention, it didn’t take long for Kristen to weigh in on it. Instead of just addressing the picture, Kristen decided to join the viral TikTok craze of “Show you and your last blunder.” She captioned the post as: “I think I need to deactivate my ig.” In the video, Kristen shows her face before moving toward the photo she posted on her Instagram story.


She covered up the mistake by hiding it on her TikTok video, but she did reveal how many messages she had received from her followers after posting that shot.

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More To Know About Kirsten Titus

On TikTok, there are over 8 million followers for social media influencer Kristen. She is known as pepperonimuffin and has a following of over 8 million people on TikTok. Her videos tend to have millions of views because her content focuses on everyday life. Through her social media accounts, Kristen has succeeded in demonstrating a glimpse of her active lifestyle while also taking users on a trip through social media.

Kristen has been able to show off her creative side through her videos, as she is often thinking of new and innovative ways to create content. For example, in one of her latest videos, she decided to take users on a “day in the life” of her and her cat, which gave viewers an insight into what it is like to be an influencer. This video in particular garnered over 3 million views.

Kristen’s success on social media can be attributed to her ability to connect with her audience and produce content that is relatable and entertaining. She is always looking for new ways to engage with her followers and ensure that they are having a positive experience.

Kristen started her career in social media by working with the fashion brand, Missguided. She has also done sponsored posts for companies such as Nike and Adidas. Currently, she is a full-time TikTok user and content creator. Kristen has been able to secure various partnerships because of her success on the app. In 2019, she was able to participate in a commercial for Burger King. The commercial was filmed in Los Angeles and Kristen did an amazing job promoting the brand.

Kristen is not only popular on TikTok, but she is also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. On Instagram, she has over 3 million followers and often posts pictures and videos of her daily life.

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