How Much Joe Locke Earning From Series ‘Heartstopper’?

Joe Locke portrayed as Charlie Spring, a year 10 student at Truham Grammar School who was recently outed in the famous TV series, Heartstopper which is the latest Netflix series that fans are obsessed with, telling the story of Charlie (Joe Locke himself) and Nick (Kit Connor), two teenage boys who fall in love despite their differences.

Charlie and Nick, who won the hearts of viewers all over the world with their incredible chemistry and hilarious antics. As they came to terms with their own identities, sexualities and, most importantly, feelings for each other, this heart-warming story of two young men finding solace in one another captured the attention and admiration of many.


Joe Locke Earning From Series Heartstopper

Joe Locke is the actor playing the role of Nick in the series Heartstopper. He is earning from his acting career by appearing in the series, and from the royalties he earns from his work. In 2020, he participated National Theatre Connections as well as productions at the Gaiety Theatre.


He was chosen out of 10,000 other potential actors who were up for the role through an open casting call for the Netflix TV series coming-of-age series, Heartstopper. His role has him playing a 14–15 year old student in an English boys’ grammar school.

He had been cast in Agatha: Coven of Chaos for Disney+, in Nov 2022. He makes money from paid brands too. He is currently doing paid partnership with ‘longchamp’ according to his Instagram profile. His net worth is estimated to be $5 million, as of 2023.

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What About Joe Locke’s Instagram?

Joe Locke’s Instagram account is full up of his chickee and cute images. He recently uploaded on his Instagram which read as,

“Thought today would be a good day to post a random dump of photos from summer… idk why”

He also recently updated his fan about the new season of ‘Heartstopper’ on Instagram that read as, “S2 here we come! Said far too much about marvel and heartstopper to @rollacoaster.”

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