Hasanabi Net Worth 2021, Income & Career

Hasanabi is a YouTuber from America who has million of subscribers under his social media platforms. He became one of the top-streamers on Twitch, earning over 1.1 million followers on his channel for his political commentary live-streams. The income of this creator who has worked on YouTube for more than 10 years will stun you. In 2011, Hasanabi had 60,000 subscribers, crossing 1 million in the next year. There have been many ups and downs in Hasanabi’s life.

Seeing his subscribers count, the question that comes to everyone’s mind is what is Hasanabi’s monthly income? How many dollars does he earn every year? What is his total net worth? Today in this post, you will be told about Hasanabi’s total net worth and total assets.

Hasanabi is liked all over the world. In the early times, he used to commentary on horror games, which was initially liked by the people. Throughout his career, Hasanabi has become the subject of many controversies due to his behavior including engaging in risky stunts and featuring age-inappropriate material for YouTube. Now let’s talk about Hasanabi’s net worth.


Hasanabi Net Worth

How much is the net worth of Hasanabi? Most Successful Individual Creator on YouTube Hasanabi’s total net worth is $2 million as of 2021. Entertaining people through his videos, he generates an income of more than $100k annually. He has over 1 million+ subscribers on his YouTuber channel. In the last 4 years, he has doubled his net worth almost.


He earns an average of $ 20,000 from each of his videos. It is mainly seen in the USA where CPC is very high. He is a gaming creator, comedian and reactionary YouTuber. In the last 3 years, Hasanabi’s subscribers have almost doubled. His channel is known for pranks, controversies, and features his rap music. On January 17, 2017, which was Hasanabi’s 25th birthday, it was reported he had launched an entertainment collaborative, titled Team 10, with $1 million in financing to create influencer marketing management and creative agency around teen entertainment. He graduated from Rutgers University in 2013 with his B.A. in political science and communication. He was a pledged member of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity there.

Hasanabi Net Worth 2021

Hasanabi Net Worth$4 million
Net Worth in 2021Approx $2 Million
Net Worth in 2020Approx $1 Million
Net Worth in 2019$200k – $300k
Wealth SourceTwitch, YouTube
Net Worth
Verification Status
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Hasanabi Career


Hasanabi began his time with the Young Turks in advertising in 2014, before moving on to a full-time producer and eventual on-air talent for the brand. The premiere of his Pop-Crunch series on The Young Turks’ Network grew their YouTube subscriber base by 4 percent. He has also worked as the company’s business manager. His hasanabi Twitch channel and as the on-air host for The Young Turks’ YouTube channel series Pop-Crunch.

Hasanabi Income Source

Hasanabi is one of the largest YouTubers in the world and has more than 2 million subscribers. A YouTuber earns not from subscriber count but from total views on his channel. Hasanabi gets an average of 1 million views on every video. By this, he has easily earned the earnings of million dollars. Such a YouTuber does not need to be dependent on anyone. He donates a considerable amount of his earnings to the studies of poor children. According to this, the future of Hasanabi seems quite secure. Next year he is going to charge even more money. As of 2021, Hasanabi has a net worth of $2 million in total.

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