When Were Harry And Taylor Together In Relationship?

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Harry Styles’ third album Harry’s House was released today, and the singer has had to dismiss rumors that he is linked to his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. It’s been ten years since they broke up, but ‘Haylor’ fans are still looking for a link between the two. Harry’s new record didn’t let them down. Fans were quick to notice that song Daylight, from Harry’s new album, shares its name with a song on Taylor Swift’s album, Lover.

Perhaps not. Harry has debunked any connection, which means the shippers’ expectations have pretty much vanished. On SiriusXM with Harold Stern, Gaga explained: “You know I’d want to tell you that you’re dead on, but you’re not.” When Were Harry And Taylor Together In Relationship?

Harry And Taylor Relationship

According to reports, one of Harry‘s favorite songs on the album is “Just Like Fire.” Working late in his studio, he said the song came from a “stream of consciousness.” Determined that they “find a way to finish this now,” as it wouldn’t be the same in the morning, they finished the song that night.


If not about Taylor, then who? The singer revealed that the song was inspired by an unpleasant experience with a lady. Harry, you’re being extremely vague. Maybe he’ll never say; closing Stern’s speculation with: “We will always wonder…”

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When Were Harry And Taylor Together?

Harry and Taylor dated for a brief period in late 2012, when he was still in One Direction. It made quite a stir. I Knew You Were Trouble from Taylor’s album Red caught the attention of Swift, who acknowledged that it was about Harry at the time.

If Daylight isn’t about Taylor, will it be long before we hear Harry’s version – or Taylor’s? Today saw the launch of Harry’s House , which you’re welcome to listen to and form your own opinion on.

In an interview with Stern, Harry was asked point-blank if “Just Like Fire” is about Taylor. His response? A very resounding “no.” So there you have it, from the horse’s mouth. Or should that be the lion’s? After all, Harry did get a new tattoo of a lion on his chest earlier this year…


So, there you have it. Harry has quashed any speculation that his new song is about Taylor. But who is it about? We may never know.

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