Who Was The Wife Of The Great Gama Pehlwan?

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The Great Gama commonly known as Rustam-e-Hind and by the ring name The Great Gama, was a pehlwani wrestler and strongman in British India. In the early 20th century, he was an undefeated wrestling champion of the world. In 1878, Baksh was born to a Kashmiri Muslim family in the village of Jabbowal, Amritsar District, British India, and became the world’s first heavyweight champion when he won a version of the World Heavyweight Championship on October 15th 1910.

He is regarded as one of history’s greatest wrestlers having gone undefeated in 52 years. Gama chose Pakistan over India after the partition of British India in August 1947, dying in Lahore on May 23 1960. On 23 December 1902, Gama lifted the 1200 kg stone, at the age of 22, which lifted it to his chest and walked a long distance. Who Was The Wife Of The Great Gama Pehlwan?

Gama Pehlwan Son

Gama Pehlwan’s son is Aslam Pahlwan, a Pakistani professional wrestler and World Heavyweight Champion in professional wrestling. In December 1968, he was ranked the world number 9 by Wrestling Review’s “Official Wrestling Rating.”

Gama Pehlwan Wife

Wazir Begum was Gama’s spouse. They had a son named Aslam Pahalwan, who became a Pakistani professional wrestler and World Heavyweight Champion in the sport. She died in 1984.

Gama’s life was dramatized in the 1991 film Gammay Pehlwan, which starred Dilip Kumar as Gama.

In popular culture

Gama Pehlwan has been featured in several songs and films. In the song “Mere Dost Picture Abhi Baki Hai”, he is mentioned alongside other famous athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt. A documentary about his life, The Great Gama: The Making of a Champion, was released in 2016.


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Gama Pehlwan 1200 kg Stone

Gama Pehalwan (1860-1908) is the first person to be recorded for lifting a stone weighing 1200 kg. At the age of 22, he lifted a 1200 kg rock in December 1902. He carried it to his chest and made a long trip with it. Near Mandvi, Nazarbagh Palace had a 1200 kg rock that was lying on its side. The Baroda Museum at Sayajibagh has kept the stone at 2.5 feet tall now as part of its collection.

Gama Pehlwan Death Reason

Gama Pehalwan, a wrestler who retired in 1940, reported suffering from persistent illnesses such as asthma and heart disease. He had to deal with financial difficulties, therefore he sold his medals at the last minute. He died on May 23, 1960, aged 82 years old due to his health issues.

Gama Pehlwan Dit

If we discuss Gama Pehalwan’s nutrition, we’d like to inform you that he drank 10 liters of milk every day, including six chickens and ate considerably more than one pound of ground almond paste. His diet consisted of half a kg of pure butter, 4 kg of fruits, and yakhni in large amounts.

Gama Pehlwan Nationality

Gama Pehlwan was born in the Punjab hamlet of Jabbowal in Amritsar district. Gama Pehlwan moved to Lahore with his family at the time of India-Pakistan division. He was a Pakistani citizen.

Gama Pehlwan FAQs

  • What was Gama Pehlwan’s real name?
  • Gama’s real name was Ghulam Mohammad Baksh and he was nicknamed ‘Gama’ after a famous wrestler from Afghanistan.
  • What is the height of Gama Pehlwan?
  • Gama Pehlwan was 6 feet tall and weighed around 182 kgs.
  • How many times did Gama Pehlwan win the title of Rustam-e-Zaman?
  • He won the title 7 times in his career.
  • Who defeated Gama Pehlwan in his last wrestling match?
  • The Great Gama lost his final match to Imam Bux, who was also a renowned wrestler of his time.
  • What was the weight of the stone that Gama Pehlwan lifted?
  • The stone that Gama lifted weighed around 1200 kgs.

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