Eileen Ashleigh, Andrew Tate’s Mother | Here’s What We Know

Eileen Ashleigh who worked as a catering assistant and best known as the mother of Andrew Tate, was a strong woman of deep faith. She taught her son to always be honest and hardworking, values she herself lived by for the entirety of her life. Eileen worked hard to provide for her family, making sure that each day she went above and beyond what was expected of her in order to ensure that all their needs were met. Despite having to work long shifts and often taking on second jobs, Eileen still managed to find time for her family. She would often take Andrew to the park or library and even help him with his homework. Find more about, Eileen Ashleigh (Andrew Tate’s Mother) Bio, Age, Son, Husband.

Who Is Eileen Ashleigh?

Eileen Ashleigh Tate, a British national, was an experienced dinner lady and dishwasher. She was married with her husband Emory Andrew Tate Jr. Together they had three children – two sons named Andrew and Tristan as well as their daughter Janine.


Recently, Andrew expressed his admiration for his mother Eileen on a podcast. He explained that once he began to make money, he was determined to give her the retirement she deserved: “I called my mom and said ‘forget about washing dishes – you’re retired!”.


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Eileen Ashleigh Bio

Real NameEileen Ashleigh
Age61 years old (As of 2023)
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight55 Kg
SonsAndrew and Tristan

Eileen Ashleigh Son

  • Eileen Ashleigh’s son, Andrew Tate, and his brother, Tristan, were arrested in Romania along with two other suspects, in Dec 2022.
  • They are charged with human trafficking and forming an organized crime group.

Eileen Ashleigh Husband

In 2015, Eileen Ashleigh’s husband perished at the age of 56 after collapsing during a contest in Milpitas, California. She is of mixed race. Her husband is of, African-American and was a chess International Master.

Eileen Ashleigh Facts

  • Eileen Ashleigh’s son, Andrew regularly showcases his lavish lifestyle at his concrete fortress.
  • With a coterie of 33 supercars and expensively furnished rooms where he smokes cigars while playing with piles of Romanian Leu notes and art made from dollar bills.
  • Now, as Romanian authorities investigate Tate and his brother, Tristan, for allegations of rape and human trafficking in connection with an organized criminal group.
  • After becoming famous on the web last year, Andrew Tate started ranting about male dominance, female submission, and wealth on TikTok, and accumulated 11.6 billion views as a result.

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