Does Zendaya have TikTok? Fake Zendaya TikTok account is verified

Zendaya is one of the most popular women on the internet right now, following the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home last month. Her friendship with Tom Holland has won over millions of hearts, and her endearing personality has charmed fans.

For years, people have pleaded with the actress to join TikTok, and it appears that their prayers may have been answered this week. There’s a verified TikTok account with the username Zendaya, but is it really her? Is Zendaya on TikTok?

Verified Zendaya Account Appears On TikTok

This week, TikTok fans went wild when a profile that appeared to be Zendaya on the video-sharing site. The account is genuine, which has confirmed fans’ suspicions that it belongs to her.

However, the account name zndayaofficial has an incomplete ‘e,’ which has prompted a great deal of worry. The profile is closed to the public, but thousands of fans have been accepted by the profile and it currently has 465,000 followers.

Fans Are Convinced It’s Fake

Zendaya has yet to comment on the TikTok account at this time. Fans, on the other hand, believe it is a phony.

The four films that have already been posted are those of the Hollywood actress, but many people believe they were not created by her.

One person wrote on Twitter: “I got accepted by the fake Zendaya account on TikTok.”

“Not TikTok verifying a fake Zendaya account,” said another.

A third person added: “Zendaya’s tiktok is definitely not her.”

“Now why is there a verified fake Zendaya account on TikTok?” added another.

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