Diddy’s net worth revealed: Rapper repurchases Sean John for $7.5 Million

After purchasing the brand for $7.5 million, Puff Daddy reacquired his ownership of Sean John. But what is the rapper’s overall net worth?

Diddy has had his ups and downs over the years. As a result, Diddy was forced to abandon his brand, which he founded in 1998, due to this. On December 21, however, Diddy was able to reclaim control of the brand and make it his own once again.

Diddy’s Net Worth Explored

According to Wealthy Gorilla, Diddy has a net worth of $885 million. While working as a talent director at Uptown Records, the rapper first gained attention when he was discovered by Lil’ Kim and made his debut on her single “None of That.” Following this, he launched his own label, Bad Boy Entertainment.

Diddy began Bad Boy Records with The Notorious B.I.G., who was his protégé. The dup managed to recruit more artists and gained greater popularity. Usher, Lil Kim, TLC, Aretha Franklin, among others are among the other artists who have signed on to the label.

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Diddy then made the decision to release his own music and, over time, earned a following for it. The rapper has also been involved in a number of commercial endeavors throughout this period.

Rapper Repurchases Sean John Brand

On December 21, it was announced that Diddy had bought back the brand Sean John. In order to make this purchase possible, Diddy had to compete against four other individuals. Finally, after several discussions, Diddy was able to buy the brand for $7.5 million in cash.

Speaking to TMZ, the rapper said: “I launched Sean John in 1998 with the goal of building a premium brand that shattered tradition and introduced Hip Hop to high-fashion on a global scale.”

He added: “Seeing how streetwear has evolved to rewrite the rules of fashion and impact culture across categories, I’m ready to reclaim ownership of the brand, build a team of visionary designers and global partners to write the next chapter of Sean John’s legacy.”

What Other Brands Does He Own?

Diddy is the creator and owner of Combs Enterprise. This includes brands such as Combs Wine & Spirits, AQUAhydrate, The Blue Flame Agency, REVOLT Films, and REVOLT MEDIA & TV.

Sean John has been reinstated to this lengthy list after being removed some months ago.

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