Who is Dan Levy? Comic’s baby and John Mulaney’s son are ‘hours apart’

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John Mulaney’s girlfriend, Olivia Munn, revealed their son Malcolm was “born hours apart” from Mulaney’s friend and fellow comedian Dan Levy’s baby Penny on Instagram this week.

According to reports, Munn and Mulaney welcomed their son Malcolm in November, but announced the news of his birth on Christmas Day.

After Munn’s tweet, fans are eager to learn more about Dan Levy (not to be confused with Schitt’s Creek actor of the same name), his personal life, and his connection with Mulaney. Let’s have a look at him.

Dan Levy’s baby and John Mulaney’s son were ‘born hours apart’

On Thursday, January 20th (20.1), actress and model Olivia Munn shared a loving photo of her and boyfriend John Mulaney’s newborn kid Malcolm alongside close pal and fellow comedian Dan Levy’s daughter Penny on Instagram.

Munn, who is dating actress Lindsay Arnold, posted a slide show of photos of the pair and wrote in the caption that they were “born hours apart and across the hall from each other.” In the video, Stanfield also makes a cameo appearance as he sits in his car at a red light and looks into his phone while listening to music. In an Instagram story post, he refers to Malcolm as “Penny’s best/only friend,” while also sharing a photo of his daughter and him.

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Who is Dan Levy?

Rachel Specter and David Levy are a married comedy act who’ve worked together on The Goldbergs, as well as How I Met Your Mother. He’s been married to actress Rachel Specter for over a decade, having married her in 2010.

In the Netflix series, a character based on the film is introduced. She previously appeared in 2008’s House Bunny.

She has been active behind the camera recently, both as a TV writer and producer. Specter was a writer and producer on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for The CW, as well as YouTube original program Hyperlinked. Indebted is a CBS sitcom written by Specter and Levy.

The pair have a son and daughter, as well as their newborn baby Penny. Levy and Specter declined to reveal the names of their other children, although the comic has previously shown family photographs of them all together on his Instagram.

Comedians friendship with John Mulaney explored

For a long time, Matt McCarthy and John Mulaney have been pals. Levy served as the officiant for Mulaney’s wedding to his now-ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler in 2014, and they’ve supported each other through their various projects throughout the years, with Levy producing Mulaney for John in 2014.

The pair also appeared together on House Hunters: Comedians on Couches, watching old episodes of the reality series House Hunters.

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