Who Is Daemien Obeso? Daddy Long Neck’s Ex-Boyfriend

Daemien Obeso is the ex-boyfriend of Daddy Long Neck is best known for his content that celebrates body diversity. He became a viral after exposing his genetic disorder to the world. He has used his platform to spread a message of self-acceptance and has garnered attention from millions of people.

He has become an inspiration for many who may have felt insecure about their own physical differences. On the other hand, Daemien Obeso is the ex-boyfriend of Daddy Long Neck, who has beaten a nine-month-old kid.


He is an awful guy and criticized for his behavior. He broke the Daddy Long Neck baby’s skull, David Alfredo Samuelson Lopez who was instantly taken to the clinic in Los Angeles. He was suffering skull fractures and brain bleeding. Now, the baby boy is out of the hospital and is on the mend. He wrote on Instagram,

“Here’s a lil update on me and my family I’m blessed with a happy healthy baby I’m very greatful for the people who really supports me and my family I love and appreciate y’all! ❤️🤟🏼🔥‼️”

Where Is Daemien Obeso Now?

Daemien Obeso, once a rising star in the music industry along with his then boyfriend, Daddy Long Neck. As of 2023, Daemien seems to have disappeared from the public eye.


Fans and critics alike have been left wondering about his whereabouts and what he has been up to. It has been years since his last seen and his social media accounts have gone inactive as well. Long Neck says David’s off the feeding tube and is eating and drinking on his own … he’s even been giggling more and is a lot more active with his hands. He says doctors still aren’t sure if there’ll be any lasting effects from the ordeal, but he is improving every day.

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Daddy Long Neck’s Real Name

Daddy Long Neck’s real name is David Samuelson Jr. he grew up in Flint, Michigan with his siblings. He has 1.4M followers on his Instagram account. He also runs a Snapchat and TikTok account where he posts day to day life, including the trials and tribulations of raising his young son. On father’s day he uploaded an image on his Instagram whose caption reads as,

“Happy Father’s Day to all the real fathers out there that’s trying to be in their kids life and do what’s right! I couldn’t post new pics so I have to post old pics of me and my son.. I appreciate you so much son I thank god for you making me a dad and becoming the best man I can for you right now I’m fighting for you and I’ll never stop fighting for you I love every minute we spend together every week it makes my day better! Remember son daddy will always be right by your side through the bad and good times I love you son ♥️”

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