Cynthia Davis, Jerry Jones Girlfriend: What We Know So Far

Cynthia’s daughter Alexandra claims to be the biological child of Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones, and this development is generating a stir on every social media platform. Alexandra Davis has recently revealed that she is the offspring of Jerry Jones, with her mother having a secretive relationship with him.

Following Alexandra’s announcement that she was the daughter of Jerry, there has been a lot of buzz on social media, and people are looking for the full narrative to read.

That is why we have put this news story together so you may continue and read down the page until the end since it contains all you need to know about Alexandra, Cynthia, and Jerry Jones. Cynthia Davis, Jerry Jones Girlfriend: What We Know So Far

Who Is Cynthia Davis?

If proven, these claims would result in Jerry having to give up a large portion of his assets. Alexandra just filed a lawsuit against her biological father over paternity.

This news came as a total surprise to all of us because there had previously been no such information or rumors. Let’s have a look at what Alexandra Davis has said about the allegations she’s made.

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Jerry Jones Girlfriend Cynthia Davis

Cynthia Roberts and Alexandra’s mother, Cynthia, are better known for their appearance in the Big Rich Texas reality show.

Alexandra has yet to reveal how she came across her real father or what her demands are. She is suing Jerry Jones for inheritance rights because of his failure to disclose information about her birthfather.

According to the news, we’ve learned that Jerry’s and Alexandra’s mother has committed to letting Jerry take care of all financial obligations until she tells Alexandra about their relationship.

Alexandra Davis is attempting to steal a billion dollars from Jerry Jones by suing him, there’s no doubt about that.

Alexandra is now in her fifties and Jerry is approaching his 60th birthday, yet Cynthia will be at least 10 years older when she reaches said age.

Alexandra Davis has lived a luxurious existence with her mother, according to the sources, which is why she was chosen for the reality show titled Big Rich Texas.

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