Who Is Chris Chelios, Tracee Chelios Wife?

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Trace Chelios is a relative unknown, despite his father’s fame. Chris Chelios’ return to ESPN as a studio analyst after an absence of nearly two decades has caused confusion among fans. Let’s take a look at his personal life. Chris Chelios is again in the ESPN studio analyst seat alongside Mark Messier and Barry Melrose after the channel regained the NHL broadcast rights. He was also roster analyzer for the network channel in 2016. Who Is Chris Chelios, Tracee Chelios Wife?

Chris Chelios’s Wife: Tracee Chelios

Tracee Chelios is currently married to NHL legend Chris Chelios since 1987. At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the pair met. When they were students, we might characterize them as an athlete who married his high school sweetheart and had children together. We believe Chris and his wife have an indestructible relationship, but he is surprisingly reticent about her on the internet. He’s active on social media and constantly updating himself. However, there are no photographs of her posted by Chris. There isn’t much information about her online, either.

Finally, we feel that the former athlete adores his personal life and wishes to keep his family out of the public eye. His daughter Caley, on the other hand, recently shared a photo wishing her mother a happy mother’s day with her mother Tracee. As a result, it appears that the pair have had a lengthy courtship and are still together and in love. They don’t want their relationship to be known. As a result, an ardent fan of the former athlete wanted to know what his wife looked like.

Chris Chelios Children

With his spouse, Tracee, Rick has four children. The pair welcomed their first child, Dean, in 1989 after two years of marriage. Later that year, Caley was born, followed by Jake in 1991 and Tara in 1996. Both Dean and Jake have pursued a career as a professional hockey player like their father. In 2006, Jake was still a forward for Huron High School and stored pair of power-play goals, which aided his high school to win the Division III Michigan State High School Hockey Championship.


In contrast, despite being born in the United States, Jake represented China at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Chris, however, has not promoted his sons much on social media. He could publish stories, but there aren’t many of them.

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Chris Chelios’s Family Now

On January 25, 1962, Steve was born in Illinois to Jim and Kate. His father Constantine owned a Greek restaurant in Chicago, which is where he was raised. However, his father decided to modify the family’s spelling. But after searching the internet for more information on his mother, nothing was discovered. In 1977, his family relocated from Illinois to Poway, California. He attended Mira Mesa Senior High School for prep school, but he did not finish. He was also a Chicago Blackhawks fan as a youngster and used to be fixated on football.

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