Who Is Chef Pii: All About ‘Pink Sauce Lady’

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Chef Pii is an American TikToker who recently makes news headline, after been selling and marketing a condiment she calls “Pink Sauce”. She’s come under fire since consumers noticed the color of the sauce on different bottles varies, mistakes on her product’s nutritional label, as well as safety concerns about its perishability and delivery.

She keeps herself a private chef who goes by the name “Chef Pii” has responded to the pink sauce craze that has swept the internet. In June, videos about the bright-colored sauce began trending, before sparking a large buzz in recent days. Following consumer feedback complaining about it, the creator of the dipping sauce responded. Who Is Chef Pii: All About ‘Pink Sauce Lady’.

What Is The Pink Sauce?

chef.pii, who goes by the name “Pink Sauce Lady,” has more than 80,000 followers on TikTok and Instagram. The Pink Sauce is a condiment created by Miami celebrity chef Chef Pii, with 77,000 followers on TikTok and 40,000 Instagram followers. The dipping sauce has been used in Chef Pii’s videos on the TikTok account @chef.pii to drizzle over tacos, gyros, chicken wings, and other meals.

In her video comments, Chef Pii likened it to this: “sweet, spicy and tangy” and the sauce retails at $20 per bottle. The condiment was released as part of a pre-sale in June this year and Chef Pii has responded to reviews after reactions from customers went viral.

Look At Chef Pii Resonds To The Frenzy

Following a number of consumers’ claims that the sauce lacked any nutritional information, Chef Pii has issued a statement, according to The Daily Dot. She explained that she was in the process of “quality testing” the condiment and would give the appropriate labels when it was delivered.

Chef Pii told the outlet: “I guess when you’re great, you can’t make a mistake, but, I mean, yeah. My team is working quickly to fix the issues. We had some delays with getting into our facility and stuff like that. We had shipment issues.


“However, we’re working rapidly to fix all the problems. [We’re working on] reaching back out to our customers who actually purchased the product and communicating with them diligently.”

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Pink Sauce Controversy Explained

According to Today, Chef Pii revealed that the color of the sauce had altered since the prototype that was released in June. “We did a pre-launch of approximately 100 units on June 25, and then we opened the site July 1,” Chef Pii stated in a phone conversation with Today.

“We changed the color due to the audience’s perspective, because they were complaining that the pink was too bright. So then we made it a little lighter. Everything that they’re judging, those are all prototypes.”

One TikTok user wrote: “It’s something that I’ve been looking for a long time. It’s great to see it on the market at last. “It’s giving me ranch with a little bit of butter… and something to make it sweet so like ketchup or something. Would I buy this again? No. “This 100% to a tee smells like ranch,” another said and added that the taste “kinda like ranch but not as creamy” and “milder”.

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