ELY2_ (TikToker) Age, Wiki, Real Name, Career, Family, Height, Facts


ELY2_ is a famous on TikTok for uploading pranks, challenges, and reactions related with Garena Free Fire comedy and gameplay content. He uploads videos about the game in Spanish. He has gained a massive following due to his special style of engaging gaming content. With a way for engaging his followers, he keeps his viewers entertained. Ely2_ch‘s popularity has not only made him a … Read more

Julia Mazza (TikTok) Age, Popularity, Dating, Wiki, Bio, Height, Facts


Julia Mazza is a growing TikTok personality who grabs the attention of the viewers from her grooving and dance videos. Best known for her popular julowkey account, where she has over 90,000 followers, as of Oct 2023 and uses the channel to post vlogs about her daily life, including “get ready with me” videos and … Read more

StrangePatrick (TikToker) Career, Age, Bio, Wiki, Sexuality, Facts


StrangePatrick is an American digital content creator on TikTok and social media personality. He gained popularity for his eccentric videos that often showcase his love for all things music, strange and bizarre. He is very active on his ‘strangepatrick‘ account. With a growing following of millions, he has become a recognizable figure on the social … Read more

Alexus Learmann Age, Bio, Career, TikTok, Facts


Alexus Learmann is an American TikTok star and social media personality. She is one the sister of ‘The Learmann Twins‘ who runs their collaborative YouTube channel. She is famous for posting health, fitness, lifestyle and dance content. She is viral for sharing her dance and gym videos with her sister on social media platforms. Alexus … Read more

Lexie Learmann (TikToker) Age, Twins, Career, Wikipedia, Bio, Facts


Lexie Learmann has gained popularity on TikTok for her posts about health, fitness, lifestyle, and dance. Her videos often feature her doing different workout routines, giving nutritional tips and sharing her personal experiences with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her bubbly and fun personality shines through in her dance videos where she impresses her fans with … Read more

Who Is TikTok’s Tube Girl? Age, Affair, Ethnicity, Career, Facts

tube-girl (6)

Tube Girl is a famous face on TikTok now. She is currently working as a part-time tutor but went viral after TikTok videos gaining rapid views. She began posting her now-signature videos that things really took off. Her videos went viral in August and September 2023 by posting her now-signature videos. She loves being recognized … Read more

Sophie Rain Age, Boyfriend, Affair, Wikipedia, Bio, Height and Weight

Sophie Rain an internet celebrity and video producer noted for viral posts of lip sync and dancing challenges, group projects and first-person vlogs. She has 921K followers on her ‘sophieraiin‘ TikTok account. She has 10 million likes on her account. Her success on TikTok can be explained to her interesting content and engaging personality. Her … Read more

How Old Is Billie Rae Brandt? Age, Born, TikTok, Facts, Height


Billie Rae Brandt is an American TikTok star and social media personality. She is popular best known for her videos about men’s dating and self-improvement. She has amassed 500,000 on TikTok. She often seen giving men advice about women using her own experiences and experiences to help them cope with the complexities of relationships. Her … Read more