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Ted Cruz’s daughter Caroline exposes him in viral TikTok video

Cruz’s daughter recently uploaded a video to TikTok that revealed an insight into her family life, and she has undoubtedly shocked people, according to Your Tango.

When her telling TikTok video became popular, the 13-year-old reportedly received a lot of internet attention and people are interested in seeing the now-deleted material. What did Caroline Cruz post about her father on social media before her public account was shut down?

What Did Ted Cruz’s Daughter Say About Him?

After she gained access to the account, Cruz made a point of taking down all of his user names and avatars (as well as her own) in an effort to conceal her identity. Her account was deleted shortly afterward by TikTok’s delete team, who did not find any evidence of criminal activity on Twitter or YouTube. In its place emerged a public backup TikTok account with the username @caro_iguess. Following Dallas County Judge Ted Cruz’s daughter’ n name, it rose quickly and thousands of people were able to see her videos.

While her material is no longer accessible to non-followers, a Twitter user uploaded a screen recording of the video in question. In response to inquiries in the comments section, @caro_iguess decided to expose the advantages and drawbacks of having a family.

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However, Caro Iguess claimed that there were disadvantages to having security guards following her around in public all of the time. While many people judge her based on her father, she claims that she does not share all of the same opinions and disagrees with most of them.

Ted Cruz, a United States Senator from Texas, has served in that office since 2013. The Independent reported that Cruz has been in hot water throughout the years and has consistently managed to elicit polarized responses from his followers.

Caroline Cruz Exposes The Family Christmas Card

Caroline Cruz also spoke about the facts of her family photographs, in addition to her father’s ideas. On the front of their annual Christmas card, the eldest of Cruz’ two daughters is shown with a serious expression next to her smiling relatives.

The photo has been branded as a hoax by many people who believe that it was altered to make the girl appear taller. However, in the same viral video as previously mentioned, @caro_iguess acknowledged it and claimed that her family had edited her shirt to make it look longer: “Also, on the Christmas card, they literally lengthened my shirt.” To demonstrate that she was originally wearing a fairly brief cropped top, Caroline added a mirror selfie into the mix; however, because of the printed image’s length, it appears to be normal-length.

The Viral TikTok Account Is Now Privatised

After her videos went viral and amassed millions of views, Caroline Cruz’s TikTok account has been sold. While no explanation has yet been offered for why she made her account private, some users think it is not an accident.

After sharing information about the family, Ted Cruz’s daughter may have had her popular profile made private by her father. @caro_iguess currently has over 16,000 followers, more than 47,000 likes, and no bio displayed.

Cruz’s main TikTok account, which is named “caro (taylor’s version)” in reference to Taylor Swift’s most recent album, has a backup profile as well. Her name on this account is “caro.”



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