TikTok’s ‘Can We Talk’ Challenge Explained

TikTok is notorious for hosting dangerous and questionable trends. However, as a platform, it also regularly showcases great talent. More and more people are putting their abilities on display with the new ‘Can We Talk challenge.’

Many users and even several celebrities have noticed the viral fad of people reciting the lyrics “Can We Talk.” You may have seen numerous videos on TikTok of individuals singing the song’s lyrics. Many people seem to be amused by this viral craze, which has caught their attention.

What Is The Can We Talk Challenge?

TikTok isn’t new to recurring themes and trends that dominate the Internet on a regular basis. Celebrities and users are currently taking part in the Can We Talk competition, which asks them to perform Tevin Campbell’s song title.

The TikToks, on the other hand, simulate a song without using any instruments or music. Many of the above challenges have gone viral, with millions of views each.

How To Participate In The Trend Inspired By Tevin Campbell’s Hit Song?

Anyone can participate in the Can We Talk challenge, which is similar to all other TikTok trends. All you have to do is film yourself singing the song and post it on the TikTok feed with relevant hashtags. If they succeeded or failed the task, fans are left to their own discretion. However, many individuals believe that only those who can sing should participate in the competition after seeing some incredible vocal contributions. This race isn’t open to everyone.

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TikTok’s ‘Can We Talk’ Challenge

Tank, an R&B star, was one of many performers to take part in the Can We Talk challenge. nHis classic version with his voice has been viewed over 480,000 times on TikTok.

Another musician to join the trend is Khalid. His TikTok has over 117,000 likes and counting.

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