Bruce Crompton Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife & Daughter

Is Bruce Crompton a dealer? Is there much information about him on Wikipedia? Wife and Daughter: Learn more about him from this article.

Dealers in military equipment Bruce Crompton is shown buying, selling, and repairing military-related items in the program.

Mr. Crompton is a TV personality who has appeared in both Combat Dealers and Salvage Hunters, the 2016 television series. He is recognized for being an oddball with a busy schedule.

Bruce Crompton Wiki, Bio & Age

Beginning in 2015, combat dealers, hosted by Richard Cranham, became a hit on Sky One. The program aired until 2018 and focused on the history of firearms throughout the world. Being a military history enthusiast, he produced more than 28 episodes in less than three years.

Bruce is known for his meticulous taste and style, as well as being a world-renowned fashion icon. He is also widely recognized for his charitable work, having a particular fondness for well-made suits. Despite the fact that he has a full schedule, Bruce manages to get involved with his loved ones. This is why he is referred to as a family man.

Bruce Crompton Biography

The Wikipedia pages of Brandon Crompton are currently down. We can learn more about him from his IMDb profile, though.

Bruce Crompton, who hails from East London in the United Kingdom, has a long history. As a result, it’s clear that he is British. Axis Track Services was formerly the world’s largest engineering firm when he was in his twenties.

Meet Bruce Wife Sue And Daughter Lois

Mr. Crompton is married to his wife, Sue Crompton. According to one of his tweets, Sue appeared in one of his shows and was outstanding.

Furthermore, Bruce Crompton and his wife have a daughter named Lois. Even Lois made an appearance on his program, according to Quest. The episode shows Bruce flying over the white cliffs of Dover with his daughter.

Nobody knows anything about his other children. He has a net worth in the millions, according to his career. Because he hosts his own show, we can infer that he does not receive any compensation.

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