Who plays Bobbi in Euphoria season 2? Newcomer went viral

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Fans are eagerly awaiting the reveal of who will play Bobbi in season 2 of Euphoria, and it’s clear that everyone is wondering who she is.

In this week’s episode, Bobbi becomes acquainted with Lexi, and fans get to know her. Some fans of the show are wondering who plays the new character and what their career has been like thus far. Let’s have a look…

Meet actress behind Euphoria’s S2 Bobbi

Bobbi is introduced as the “stage manager and accomplice in crime” of Lexi, who is organizing a school play in season 2, episode 3. In the episode, the character does not speak much; however, one memorable quote remains: her dislike for “Oklahoma.”

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The main character in Euphoria is played by fashion model and actress Veronica S. Taylor, whose Instagram bio claims she is a current Spirit Models client.

What else has she been in?

Veronica’s only credit on IMDb is Euphoria, with the model-turned-actress still in high school. Veronica posted a message to her Instagram story after appearing in this week’s episode of Euphoria, expressing her gratitude for the chance and support she had received from fans of the program.

She also wrote: “Being able to work on HBO while still in school was very special, and I am grateful.” We can’t wait to see what Veronica does next!

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