How Did Bob Saget’s Two Sisters, Andrea And Gay Died?

Saget’s older sister Andrea died in 1984 when she was 35 from a brain aneurism. His other sister Gay, who died in 1994 at the age of 47 from an autoimmune disease. He was discovered dead in his hotel room in Orlando on Sunday, aged 65.

The comedian’s parents, Dolly and Benjamin, died in 2014 and 2007. He leaves behind three grown daughters, as well as his wife, Kelly Rizzo. It’s unclear what caused his unexpected death; police say there were no signs of foul play or drug usage. On Sunday, the actor’s family confirmed his death and stated they were ‘ crushed.’ How Did Bob Saget’s Two Sisters, Andrea And Gay Died?

Bob Saget Sisters: Andrea And Gay

Both of his older sisters died of natural causes when they were young adults, one from a brain aneurism and the other from an autoimmune disease. The comedian was discovered dead in his hotel suite at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando on Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. Police claim there were no obvious indicators of foul play or drug use in the room. A toxicology test is anticipated.

How Gay Saget’s Died?

Saget’s death, which has stunned the entertainment industry and devastated his family, is the last in a trio of losses for the family. Saget’s older sister Andrea died at the age of 35 after suffering a brain aneurism in 1985. Gay Saget died three years later at the age of 47 after fighting a three-year battle with scleroderma, an autoimmune disease.

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Who Was Gay Saget?

Gay Saget, who is Jewish, was forced to move back home with her parents before she died because she required so much care. Saget – a scleroderma advocate who became an advocate for finding a cure – told the NIH Magazine in 2019 that: ‘My sister, Gay Saget, was a school teacher near Philadelphia.

It’s unclear if he was ill at the time of his death. The comedian was looking forward to performing stand-up again and expressed his delight in a tragic final Instagram post on Saturday. Andrea Saget, his older sister, died in 1984 as a result of a brain aneurism when she was 35 years old.

In 2012, after he lost his parents to cancer, he had a kidney transplant. His mother, Dolly, died in 2014; his father, Benjamin, passed away in 2007. He leaves three grown children of his own – Aubrey, 34; Lara 32; and Jennifer 29; as well as his wife of 42 years, Kelly Rizzo. His family said they were ‘shocked’ by the news on Sunday.

It’s also unclear when he checked into the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, where he was discovered dead at 4 p.m. The night before, Saget entertained a crowd in Jacksonville, Florida, some 150 miles away. He had been scheduled to perform in Florida again before heading off on the road across America and culminating his tour in Canada in June. During his lifetime, he revealed that one day God will reveal why some people are alive while others have died.

Saget said after the death of Betty White, who passed away days before her 100th birthday, when asked about the afterlife: “One day, probably not even in your life-time but it’s coming. He’ll explain it to you.”

‘I don’t know what happens after we die, but if Betty says you get to be with the love of your life, I’ll gladly accept her advice,’ he added. Allen Ludden died in 1981, and Bethenny Frankel has never been able to move on from his death.

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