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Big Meech began his career in 1973 with his brother “Southwest T,” when they were known as “The Ghetto Brothers.” After being arrested alongside his brother, “Southwest T,” in 2005, he went to prison for 30 years.

Big Meech, who served out a 30-year sentence for drug trafficking in Detroit, is due for early release. 50 cent, among others, has shown support for the drug lord by creating a drama series based on the saga of these notorious brothers. Find out more with starsgab on how he got caught, who the snitch was, and when he is due for release.

Big Meech was the kingpin of one of the largest drug trafficking and money laundering enterprises in Detroit, known as the Black Mafia Family. He firmly established his position as a mobster by selling over 2,500 kilos of cocaine every month from just one “branch.”

Big Meech’s profile

Full name: Demetrius Edward Flenory

Nickname: Big Meech or Herm Meech

Gender: Male

Place of birth: Cleveland, Ohio

Date of birth: 21 June 1968

Zodiac: Cancer

Big Meech’s age: 53

Current residence: Oregon Prison

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Black

Sexuality: Straight

Big Meech’s wife: none

Big Meech’s son: Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr.

Sibling: Terry “Southwest T” Flenory

Height: 1.74m, 5 feet 8 Inches tall

Weight: 68 kg

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Dark brown

Occupation: Drug Lord and Record-label owner

Big Meech’s net worth: $100 million

Instagram: @blackmafiafamily

Facebook: Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory

Twitter: @BigMeechBMF

Big Meech wins a sentence reduction

What is Big Meech’s release date? Due to the judgement of the US District Judge David Lawson, which shortened his sentence by three years, Big Meech’s date of release is set for 2028.

Has Big Meech been in jail for a long time? Flenory has spent 16 years of his 30-year sentence in an Oregon prison for running one of Detroit’s largest drug trafficking and money laundering operations.

Following the arrest, $21 million worth of assets, including Big Meech’s homes (all 13 of them), three-dozen cars, and jewelry, were all seized.

How old is Big Meech?

Flenory was incarcerated on the morning of his 53rd birthday, which took place on 21 June 2021. His brother, Terry, was released to home imprisonment in 2020 to alleviate overcrowding and minimize the spread of COVID-19 infection. Demetrius, unfortunately, was not as fortunate.

Who snitched on Big Meech?

Metamfetamin is a synthetic stimulant similar to speed and amphetamines. The two brothers, Metametrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, ran a nationwide narcotics network that produced $270 million in revenue, recruited more than 500 people, and delivered thousands of kilograms of cocaine.

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The activity began in Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Birmingham, and Alabama before spreading across the country like wildfire. At the time, Demetrius and Terry were working in separate businesses, but they accepted responsibility for their actions.

Big Meech’s show

A mini-series called The Black Mafia Family is based on the Flenory brothers’ tale. 50 Cent, the executive producer, has collaborated with Big Meech to produce this narrative drama series, which will premiere on September 26, 2021. La La Anthony, Tyshon Freeman, Jasun Wardlaw Wardlaw Jr., Michole Briana White, and Detroit rapper Kash Doll star as “Monique,” with appearances by Snoop Dogg, in Big Meech’s BMF cast.

Does Big Meech still have money?

After Demetrius was 21, he formed the drug trafficking and money laundering syndicate Black Mafia Family in 2000 and began selling cocaine. BMF Entertainment was used as a “front” for the criminal organization, which is believed to have earned over $270 million in ill-gotten gains during the years. Flenory has a net worth of $100 million according on August 2021 estimates.

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Who is Big Meech’s girlfriend?

During a broadcast of the reality show BMF Wives in 2012, Tonesa Welch, better known as Lady Juice, proclaimed herself The First Lady of BMF.

They were not, however, legally married; Flenory has strong convictions on monogamy. Big Meech’s wife’s death was reported to have occurred in 2020. It is thought that she died as a result of a seizure disorder, but her passing has yet to be confirmed. Ms Magic City (Suga), formerly a stripper nicknamed “Ms Magic City,” confronted Tonesa over her claims to be a Flenory wife.

Despite Flenory’s lengthy sentence, he has a following among some of the music industry’s most notable figures, including Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and LL Cool J.

Let us hope that he is as reformed as the court thinks and does not go back to being Detroit’s drug-lord kingpin.

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