Who Is Beatrice Minns, Johnny Flynn’s Wife?

Beatrice Minns is an American star who is best known as the wife of Johnny Flynn, who is a British actor, musician, and singer-songwriter born in Johannesburg, South Africa. Flynn has starred as Dylan Witter in the Channel 4 and Netflix television sitcom Lovesick, and portrayed David Bowie in the film Stardust.

Flynn is the lead singer and songwriter of the band Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit. He has released five studio albums, in addition to numerous soundtracks and live albums. Who Is Beatrice Minns, Johnny Flynn’s Wife?

Beatrice Minns, Johnny Flynn’s Wife

After high school, Johnny married Beatrice Minns in 2011. He first met her when she was in the sixth grade. He was only 16 years old and their relationship took off quickly. The two met in the UK when they were teens, but it was not until a few years later, when Minns returned to her native Australia and Flynn followed her there, that they formed a relationship.

John Patrick Vivian Flynn is an actor, musician, and singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom. He’s also the frontman of Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit, his band’s main vocalist and lyricist. He has released five studio albums to date and has been featured on many soundtracks.

Johnny Flynn Wife: Who Is Beatrice Minns?

Beatrice Minns is a charming London-based make-up artist who specializes in period beauty. She began her career as an apprentice of the famous Punchdrunk theater company and now works from her cottage in East London, where she lives with her spouse and children in a garden studio. After working as a set designer for over ten years, she has returned to her early love of crafting with clay.

She makes stoneware by hand-building and tossing. She’s interested in relics, mythology, and ceremonial culture because of her passion for antiquities, mementos, and nature to be kept up and celebrated through her interest in relics, mythology, and sacred things.

Her Instagram handle is @balminny; however, her profile is set to private. She also has a commercial account, @beatrice_clapton_clay on Instagram where she displays and sells her creative work.

How Many Kids Does Johnny Flynn Have?

Gabriel Flynn is the first child of Johnny and Minns, who married in 2011. He frequently shares photographs of his children on his official Instagram account, @ginflon.

Gabriel Flynn was born in 2012, a year after they married, and he currently performs with his band, Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit. In 2016, Flynn and his wife welcomed their second child, Ida Flynn, four years after giving birth to their first son. Lorca Flynn, the family’s third kid, arrived in 2018.

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Family Details Of Johnny Flynn Revealed

Johnny Flynn is the son of actor and singer Eric Flynn and Caroline Forbes, who were married in South Africa. His family moved to the United Kingdom when he was two years old. He has two older half-brothers, Jerome and Daniel Flynn, an older half-sister, Kerry Flynn, from his father’s first marriage, as well as a younger sister named Lillie Flynn who performs with the Sussex Wit.

Kyle has always wanted to be an actress since he was a kid. Aside from his mother, who is a potter and artist, his entire family is involved in the entertainment business. Kyle’s father, who died when Kyle was fourteen, was a stagehand. Kyle works in the same industry as Jerome and Daniel Flynn.

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