Kanye West gifts it to GF Julia Fox: Baby Birkin bag’s price explored

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Kanye West once again demonstrated his devotion as a boyfriend when he gave Julia Fox and her friend Birkin bags on her birthday. The cost of the bag has since been a topic of interest among fans.

The over-the-top gestures of the Gold Digger rapper for his new lover are continuing at full speed. He recently shocked Julia by filling a whole hotel suite with high fashion apparel, as he arrived in New York City for her birthday.

“Ye flew into New York City for her birthday and then is flying back to LA to finish his new album [‘Donda 2′],” according to a source close to the pair.

Baby Birkin bag’s price explored

A baby Birkin or Birkin 25 can cost anywhere from $25,000 to almost $200,000, depending on the options you choose.

Birkins are less costly than other brands, yet they vary in price depending on the bag’s size and finish. Some bags cost as little as $9000, while others can cost up to $500,000. Birkin 25, 30, 35 and 40 are the most popular bag sizes on retail.

The price of a Birkin varies depending on where you buy it, what color it is, what material it’s composed of, and the year the bag was produced in. Hermes also makes another 20 cm version that’s limited-edition VIP goods aside from Birkin 25.

Baby Birkin’s Origin Story

The Birkin bag’s origin story is a fascinating one. The chauffeur service was launched in the 1980s, after Hermes executive director Jean-Louis Dumas encountered British actress Jean Birkin on a flight from Paris to London.

The actress was having a difficult time packing all of her possessions. The star struggled to put everything back in after it spilled out, and she told Dumas that she’d never found a leather purse that suited her needs as a young mother.

The artistic and discerning Hermes director quickly drew a spacious and rectangular bag with separate compartments for baby bottles, which became the inspiration for Birkin bags after the British actress.

Kanye West Gifts Hermes Bags To Julia Fox On Her Birthday

At Julia Fox’s birthday, Kanye was all smiles, as seen in the photos and videos that have emerged.

Julia and her friends are seen blithely posing with their Ye-given Hermes accessories in the photographs from the event.

Many fans were intrigued by Kanye’s latest act for Julia, and it quickly became a topic of conversation on Twitter. Some people even stated how glad they were that they weren’t one of Julia’s pals today.


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