What Is The Death Cause Of Cheerleader, Arlana Miller?

Arlana Miller, a 19-year-old student at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette, was found dead on Wednesday, May 4. She published a heartbreaking Instagram post before her death. Only hours after posting a heartbreaking message about battling mental health issues on her Instagram account, a Southern University and A&M College cheerleader from Louisiana was discovered dead.

On Wednesday, May 4th, Arlana Miller, a 19-year-old Texan woman, died after writing a particularly sad statement on Instagram regarding suicide. She mentioned death and her own suicidal tendencies in the conversation. “May this day bring me rest and peace. I have fought this urge since my early teenage years… I gave this life all the fight I had. To everyone who has entered my life I’m so grateful and I can only imagine how this may find you, I have been surrounded by people who may have honestly thought that I was okay, but I havn’t been okay for a while,” the note read.

It also mentioned her struggles with her school, Covid-19, and damaging her ACL ligament last year.”I struggled so much through just this year alone. From covid, to tearing my acl, to nearly failing all of my classes. To the people in my life I pray you learn to vocalize your feelings and get help always!!! I failed at that and I’m afraid it’s too late,” Miller wrote. “I have written so many suicide notes my life but finally, I’ve reached my end,” she said.

“I hope this teaches everyone to check on your ‘strong’ friends, be present always! I’m contradicting myself but NEVER give up!!! I know that I’m letting a lot people down by what I’m about to do. But… truth is I’ve already let down so many people throughout my life and it just feels unbearable. I’ve lost my connection to God. I’ve been dead inside for too long.

To everyone I love, just remember that this is not your fault and I pray you don’t find guilt in my situation. I always dreamed of becoming so many things that I am today, but they just aren’t enough, I’m not enough. I havnt felt enough for a while.. but I say all this to say, I’m done fighting, My battle is over and I pray everyone finds peace in that.” What Is The Death Cause Of Cheerleader, Arlana Miller?

Cheerleader, Arlana Miller Death Cause

According to the university’s athletic department, she died shortly after finishing the last message. The school released a statement that said, “On May 4, 2022, at roughly 9PM, Southern University Athletic Department was contacted about a social media post that ultimately resulted in this terrible news,” according to the university’s website.


“We ask for your prayers, love and support. Our deepest sympathy to The Miller family, SU Cheer, & friends. We love you Arlana #ForeverJag,” athletic director Roman Banks and the school’s athletic department said in the statement.

Arlana Miller Suicide

In the previous two months, a few student-athlete suicides have occurred. Three well-known collegiate student-athletes have taken their own lives. Katie Meyer, a promising young athlete, died by suicide in her Stanford dorm in March after being pushed to be “perfect” and “number one” over several weeks before her death.

In April, a runner named Sarah Shulze died by suicide after battling mental health issues. James Madison University softball player James Washington, who was a member of the school’s historic run in the NCAA Division 1 tournament last year, died suddenly on April 26 at age 20.

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