Are Paige And Finn Still Together: Love Island Couple

Paige, from West Lothian, and Finn, from Milton Keynes, were the winners of the very first winter Love Island in South Africa last February. Love Island Couple Paige And Finn have won many hearts with their heart-warming gestures, warm smiles and teasing propositions. Although it has been over a year since season 6 UK ‘Love Island‘ ended, many fans still love the winning couple. They are the perfect couple and have set some big couple goals inside and out of the villa. You may be wondering, “What is all this blabbering about?” Well, we’re here with the most frequently asked question: Are Paige and Finn still together. This is the most satisfying answer. To find out more about Paige’s and Finn’s relationship, please stay with us.

Let’s take a look back at the adorable couple from the last season of Love Island, now that the new season is all the rage. You may be familiar with the fact that Paige’s first marriage after her entry to the show was not with Finn, but with someone else… On her first day in the villa, the Musical artist chose to marry Ollie Williams, a millionaire and heartthrob. Soon, she realized that he wasn’t the right one for her after he left for another woman. It’s all good that ends well, but it doesn’t matter.

Since leaving the villa, the couple only had a few weeks of normality after winning the £50k before the nation went into lockdown. The pair spent the first lockdown in Scotland with Paige’s family then decided last summer to get an apartment together in Manchester.

Paige And Finn Relationship

Ollie Williams left the villa within a week, leaving the other with the shocking discovery that he is still in love. Paige is now single and ready to mix. Paige was not too late to meet her forever one on day 5. Yes, Finley arrived with Connagh Howard, another handsome man. When Finn asked Paige to be his date, the thing was set. Finn stated that he tried to “graft Paige” from the very first date after the series ended. It’s good to know! You can find it here.


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Finn and Paige chose Paige after their first recoupling at the villa. Surprised by everyone, the couple won the “knowing me, understanding you” challenge. They knew they were going to rock it, and they did. Since their first date, they weren’t slowing down in their relationship. They shared their first kiss after a few days and were then voted for a night at the hideaway. Although the details of what happened are not known, they confirmed their closeness.

Paige And Finn Now in 2021

As of 2021, yes, it officially confirmed that Paige And Finn are together. After the finale, the couple were reunited multiple times. The couple has come a long way since their first date, when they returned from the UK on love island. They celebrated their first anniversary last February 8, 2020. Paige and Finn moved in with Paige’s mother and stepdad to their home in West Lothian, Scotland after the United Kingdom was put under lockdown on march 24th.


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The couple had moved into their apartment in Manchester by the end of the third month. According to their social media accounts, it has been all rainbows and glitters since then. They celebrated their first anniversary by sharing adorable photos of the couple together and their heartwarming messages.

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