Anime Mania Codes (May 2022): Free Gems And Gold

Anime Mania codes are the most straightforward way to expand your character roster with Gems and other resources. Normally, replaying levels multiple times is necessary in order to earn Gems via grinding. While these codes will not give you an infinite supply of Gems in Anime Mania, they will more than enough for many characters’ level ups. More importantly, you’ll be able to improve them.

Each month, new Anime Mania coupons are available, usually around the same time as some anime-related news or a game milestone. We’ll keep an up to date list of current and expired codes.

Anime Mania Codes provide you with free Gems and Gold. You may use Gems to summon new characters, but Gold is just as essential. The ability to acquire Fodder characters is crucial, and if you’re wondering what Fodder characters are in Anime Mania, it’s essentially the same thing. Fodder characters exist just to be mulched into power for your playable heroes; you can’t play as them or utilize them in any other manner, but they’re absolutely necessary for team levelling.

We also have a big collection of Roblox lists with free codes. Check out our King Legacy and Blox Fruits codes listings for fast methods to enhance your party. If you want something more cuddly and relaxing, though, check out our Adopt Me! pets list, which has every cuddly creature available and how to obtain them. Anime Mania Codes (May 2022): Free Gems And Gold.

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All working Anime Mania codes

  • IFOLLOWEDYOU – 50 Gems and 100 Gold

Expired Anime Mania codes

  • atlastZerO – Gems & Gold
  • Miracle – 650 Gems & Gold
  • Dessi – 750 Gems & Gold
  • Aricku – 500 Gems & Gold
  • SPGBlackStar – 500 Gems
  • EtherealMiracool – 500 Gems and Gold
  • etherealmiraclE – 500 Gems and Gold
  • 100K! – 1,000 Gems and 3,000 Gold
  • maruto2? – 600 Gems and 1,000 Gold
  • OFFSM00K – 350 Gems and 1,000 Gold
  • OffMeno – 1,000 Gems
  • OffClan – Gems and Gold
  • 100MILVISITS – 1,500 Gems and 10,000 Gold
  • TWITTEREYES – 500 Gems
  • STRESSTEST – 450 Gems and Gold
  • Star – 625 Gems and 1,000 Gold

How do I redeem Anime Mania codes?

  • To get your coins, go to the App Store and install the game on your iPhone or iPad. Open the game, then press the ‘Codes’ button in the lower left corner.
  • After that, input your code and press ‘Submit.’

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