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Ammy Ventura is a single mother and civilian employee of the property division who has been accused of sexually assaulted by Wilder Lucas is a 41-year-old lieutenant with NYPD’s property department. He has been accused of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend, demanding threesomes and threatening to throw her under a train if she spoke of their affair.

Ammy filed a lawsuit on 11 April 2023 at Manhattan Supreme Court and is suing Lt Wilder Lucas, 41, and the city for unspecified damages under claims of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Who Is Ammy Ventura?

Ammy Ventura is 40 years old, as of 2023. She currently resides in Blue Ash, Hamilton County, Ohio. In April 2021, she began dating Lucas.

Ventura claims he became aggressive and vicious after five months of their relationship. Despite their strong bond at the beginning, their connection quickly deteriorated due to his increasingly volatile behaviour. In Sep 2021, shortly before they broke, Lucas invited Ventura to the Dominican Republic. In Aug 2022, Ventura then claims that Lucas sexually assaulted her in his office, while at work. She claimed he ‘openly enjoys’ making her feel uncomfortable.


In 2022, when Ventura and Lucas’s affair began circulating, he threatened her and told her not to mention it. He also forced her to delete evidence of their relationship from her phone and from the cloud. She did so because she was “frightened for her life.”

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Ammy Ventura As A Single Mother

Ammy worries that Lucas has the power to destabilize her livelihood, leaving her and her children vulnerable to financial insecurity. She lives in constant fear of her financial situation as a single mother.


Who Is Wilder Lucas?

Wilder Lucas is a lieutenant in the property department of the NYPD. He is 41 years old. In 2021, Ventura and Wilder, both going through divorces at the time began an affair bonded by their similar circumstances.

In April of 2021, their relationship took on a romantic turn, but they separated in September 2021. The separation, however, was not easy as Luucas became enraged at various points.

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