Meet Amanda Aldridge Siblings: What We Know So Far

Amanda Aldridge was born on March 10, 1866, in Upper Norwood, London, to African-American actor Ira Frederick Aldridge and his second wife Amanda Brandt, who was Swedish. Other than that, she was a British opera singer and teacher who composed love songs, suites, sambas and light orchestral pieces under the pseudonym of Montague Ring. Meet Amanda Aldridge Siblings: What We Know So Far.

Meet Amanda Aldridge Siblings

Aldridge had two sisters, Rachael and Luranah, as well as two brothers, Ira Daniel and Ira Frederick. She studied voice at the Royal College of Music in London with Jenny Lind and George Henschel, as well as harmony and counterpoint with Frederick Bridge and Francis Edward Gladstone.

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Google Doodle Celebrates Amanda Aldridge

Google Doodles frequently alter the iconic Google logo to include a notable figure or special date. On Friday, June 17, the Google picture features a pair of Aldridge with doodles of musical treble clefs on either side.

Aldridge is the lady on display, who was known for her work as a composer who produced dozens of instrumental tracks, parlor music, and more than 30 songs using the name Montague Ring. Amanda Aldridge was the daughter of African-American actor and Swedish opera singer Ira Aldridge. She studied at London’s Royal Conservatory of Music with renowned Swedish soprano Jenny Lind as a vocalist.

At the age of 88, Aldridge made her television debut on Music for You, a BBC program that reintroduced her popular works to a new generation. One day before her 90th birthday, Aldridge died in London on March 9, 1956.

Amanda Aldridge FAQs

  • What was Amanda Aldridge’s profession?
  • Aldridge was an opera singer and composer who wrote under the pseudonym Montague Ring.
  • What was Amanda Aldridge’s ethnicity?
  • Aldridge was African American and Swedish.
  • When was Amanda Aldridge born?
  • Aldridge was born on March 10, 1866.

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