Alison Southgate Wikipedia: Gareth Southgate’s Wife

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Alison Southgate is the wife of Gareth Southgate an English professional football manager and former player who played as a defender and midfielder. Couple has been married for more than 20 years now. He was a trainee at Crystal Palace and she was working as a store assistant when they met and quickly became each other interests. Alison has been sighted in the Wembley stands cheering for the squad, despite the fact that she is not a huge football fan.

Alison Southgat married Gareth Southgate in 1997

In July 1997, Alison Southgate married Alison Bird at St Nicholas’s Church in Worth; the couple have two children. Family have resided in the spa town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire since the early 2000s, owning many homes in and around the town, including a grand Victorian townhouse on the Duchy Estate, before settling in a £3.75 million country house 8 miles from the town centre.


Gareth has long used his personal experience to inform his ‘family first’ approach with the squad, and he has been upfront about the fact that spending time with his wife and two children helps him stay sane when he’s not on the field. Alison Southgat is more likely to be offering a low-key support from afar during this year’s World Cup tournament.

Alison Southgate’s height

How tall is Alison Southgate? She is 5’7” and her husband is 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m) tall. She weighs around 68 Kg (149 lbs). Blonde beauty is very close to her husband and resides in £3.75 million villa which is in Middlesbrough.


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How old is Alison Southgat?

Alison Southgat, 54, was spotted cheering on her husband and the team during the Euro 2020 matches. Her birth name is Alison Bird.

Alison Southgate and Gareth Southgate love story

Gareth Southgate has nearly two years to get up the courage to ask Alison out since he was so insecure about his appearance after being mocked about his large nose. When he did, she revealed that she was sharing a home with another person. But she broke up with her lover and moved to Southgate.


She always supported Gareth. In 1996, when he faced defeat she was there for him. Alison is a constant supportive presence, but shuns the flashy WAG lifestyle.

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Alison Southgate has two kids

Alison Southgate largely remains out of the spotlight to focus on their two children. She believes that being present for her children’s upbringing is of utmost importance and wants to ensure that they receive the love and attention they deserve. Couple has two children together named, Mia, 22, and Flynn, 18, as of Aug 2023.


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