Euphoria star Alexa Demie’s unconfirmed age has fans eager: 24 OR 30?

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After the second season of Euphoria, the star crew has once again taken center stage, and fans are wondering Alexa Demie’s age. Alexa Demie’s performance as Maddy Perez in HBO Max series earned her a lot of positive attention and appeal.

Following her appearance in Euphoria season 1, the actress has gained new recognition. Despite her growing popularity, the actress’ age is unknown.

Confusion Around Alexa Demie’s Age Explained

Alexa is 24 years old, according to the IMDB page. However, in September 2019, rumors began circulating that she was actually 28 years old.

In the image, Alexa’s graduation year was given as 2008. As a result, if you do the arithmetic and the picture is accurate, Alexa’s age would be approximately 30 or 31 years old.

Many fans were drawn in by the purported photo, and they began accusing her of lying about her age. Furthermore, people noticed that while other celebrities and well-known personalities have birth dates listed on their Wikipedia pages, Alexa’s page does not.

The Euphoria star, on the other hand, has remained relatively silent about the scandal and allegations. It’s impossible to tell if that purported yearbook photo of Alexa was genuine or if it was simply a Photoshop hoax.

Whatever the case, it’s irrelevant whether Alexa is a good actor or a great singer. So long as the star continues to amuse and have fun with what she does, does it matter if her age is 20, 24, or 30?

How Old The Euphoria Star Is Fans Reaction

The revelation that Alexa was considerably younger than her presented prior to her debut has now become more or less a joke among the Euphoria fandom.

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Is Alexa Demie Hispanic?

Alexa’s exact age is unknown, but it’s likely she’s Hispanic. Rose Mendez, Alexa’s mother, is a Mexican makeup artist from Los Angeles, California.

In an Interview with Vogue she told, ‘I really grew up with my entire Mexican family speaking half English and half Spanish. I have always felt extremely connected to my Latin roots. I feel deeply rooted’.

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