Adrienne Rodriguez – James Brown’s Ex-Wife Death

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Adrienne Rodriguez was the ex-wife of James Brown who was married to him for over a decade. It was a contentious marriage that made headlines due to domestic abuse complaints. Rodriguez filed for divorce in 1988, “citing years of cruelty treatment”, but they reconciled. Less than a year after Rodriguez died in 1996, Brown hired Tomi Rae Hynie to be a background singer for his band; she later claimed that she was his fourth wife. Scroll down and read more about, Adrienne Rodriguez – James Brown’s Ex-Wife Death.

Adrienne Rodriguez And James Brown’s Relationship

By the mid-1980s, it was widely alleged that Brown was using drugs, with Vicki Anderson confirming to journalist Barney Hoskyns that Brown’s regular use of PCP (colloquially known as “angel dust”) “began before 1982”.

After he met and later married Adrienne Rodriguez in 1984, she and Brown began using PCP together. This drug usage often resulted in violent outbursts from him and he was arrested several times for domestic violence against Rodriguez while high on the drug.


By January 1988, Brown faced four criminal charges within a 12-month span relating to driving, PCP, and gun possession. After an April 1988 arrest for domestic abuse, Brown went on the CNN program Sonya Live in L.A. with host Sonya Friedman. The interview became notorious for Brown’s irreverent demeanor, with some asserting that Brown was high.

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Adrienne Rodriguez Death

James Brown was repeatedly arrested for domestic violence. On four occasions between 1987 and 1995, Brown was arrested on charges of assault against his third wife, Adrienne Rodriguez. In one incident, Rodriguez reported to authorities that Brown beat her with an iron pipe and shot at her car.

In Oct 1995, Rodriguez was hospitalized after the last assault but charges were dropped after she died in January 1996.


Brown was arrested in January 2004 on a domestic violence charge after Tomi Rae Hynie accused him of pushing her to the ground, causing scratches and bruises to her arm and hip. In June, Brown pleaded no contest to a domestic violence charge, but he did not go to jail. Instead, Brown had to forfeit a bond of US$1,087.

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