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‘2 Mothers and 2 Daughters’ riddle answer revealed

Although a mental exercise may leave you stumped, this one has certainly perplexed us. There are many variations of the “2 Mothers and 2 Daughters” riddle, but they all have the same solution. Allow us to clarify if you’re having trouble comprehending it.

‘2 Mothers and 2 Daughters’ riddle

Are you up for a challenge? Attempt to complete this puzzle, but be cautious: there’s a slight catch!

‘Two mothers and two daughters went out to eat, and everyone ate one burger. Only three burgers were eaten in total, yet everyone ate one. How is this possible?’ Once you’ve figured it out, go down to see if you’re right.

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The Answer Explained

The grandmother, mother, and daughter-in-law were the three generations.

In this case, the “mother” is both a granddaughter to the grandmother and a mother to the daughter. So, technically, there are two mothers and two daughters going out to lunch. Did you manage to figure that one out?



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